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img387 img388 Here is an old publication with lines of Shakespearian poetry selected and illustrated by the Connecticut artist Wedworth Wadsworth (1846-1927) a landscape painter, as well as, a book illustrator. The booklet Under the Greenwood Tree, with Shakspere by Wedworth Wadsworth was printed by Dodd, Mead and Company in 1888 and was given by Jim to his sister Maggie on January 1, 1890, presumably for a birthday. The condition is somewhat foxed and stained in places, but we have enlarged the images a bit to show this great illustrative work.

img389img392 img393 img394 img395An early American Art Nouveau type of illustration surely influenced by French examples. I especially like the hand lettering on the cover. The booklet was lithographed by G.H. Burke & Co in New York.