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airolaThe book Every Woman’s Book by Paavo Airola published in 1979 by Health Plus Publishers is one of those gems everyone should read. Packed between the 638 pages is an array of how we should probably be treating ourselves and our bodies. For the men out there, you can learn from this book, especially when you decide to have children with your loved one. There is a lot to be said for preparing our body long before you decide to endeavor on that path.

Many of the no nonsense approaches on how to keep yourself well and healthy were written between the 1940’s-1990’s before big Pharma and Biotechnology got their clamps on the power of our persuasion.

Airola was only one of a long list of independent researchers and thinkers on health and nutrition during those years. Below are a few pages taken from the above book that really sum up what the Holistic approach to total health really is, in my opinion.

page 512page513page514From the back cover of the book, we can find other titles of Airola’s books.

airola back coverAnd a simple biography about the author can be found here.