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For those willing to look, there are plenty of opportunities to read between the lines on the internet. Let me cite an example relating to current economics and politics and point out some coincidences.

1. A week ago General Electric (GE) announced the acceptance of the take over bid for Alstom, the French train/energy equipment manufacturer, over the competing bid from the German Siemens Company, in a deal that does not make everyone happy.

2. On July 1, 2014 Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced the Ukrainian government will no longer delay the attacking of the rebel strongholds in the Eastern part of the Ukraine, after several hi level meetings were held with NATO during the past two weeks.

3. On July 1,2014 one of Germany’s leading newspapers the Frankfurter Allgemeine announced an upcoming merger between two major European Armament makers: The German tank builder KMW concern with 3000 employees and 1 billion dollars plus turnover with world wide locations including two in the United States, and the French armament manufacturer and tank builder Nexter, whose corporate parent GIAT is owned by the French government and will have to be privatized first. Who is getting the baksheesh in France?

The excuse for this merger for this new found love is hiding under the guise of economies of scale, complementary products without overlap and the covering of “different market segments”. Projection: A new  electric/electronic “Atlantik type wall” will be built in the Eastern part of Europe to keep the ? out and the Europeans in.

The Nazi allied background of both the Krauss Maffei Company and the Wegmann Company are well known in the literature that deals with this. Both KM and Wegmann employed slave labor during WWII, including many “Eastern” (Russian) employees. Neither one has adequately dealt with their bloody past. Why should they? After all they produce the world’s best military tanks. Especially the Leopard type 2 A7 Panzers  designed to work adequately in close quarters like cities. These types of tanks have in the past been delivered to Saudi Arabia, and were ordered in 2012 by Qatar, but not approved yet by the German government.

The KMW concern is primarily owned by one of the original owners of Wegmann, the Bode family, Manfred and Wolfgang Bode.

August Bode, since 1912 one of the owners of Wegmann, became a high ranking SS member in the Nazi regime (Wehrwirtschafsfuehrer). In 2012, in the town of Kassel Germany, an important place in the history of armament manufacturing in Germany, there were protests against the KMW factories.

Is the European Union (EU) gearing up for WAR in the East against Russia? The EU bloc apparently can no longer afford separate armaments factories (several large ones are located in the Ukraine). Major competitors to the KMW group are BAE (UK) and Finmeccanica (Italy).

Are the warmongers preparing another secret or not so secret IG armaments combine similar to the IG Farben combine of the 1930’s? Owning energy suppliers helps in the case of war (GE and BASF both do and US VP Joe Biden’s son is legal council to an Ukrainian energy company), and energy and armaments will make lots of money for the shareholders. Is this you?

Are there lucrative contracts to be acquired shortly for new armaments?

We know that the warmongering in the Ukraine by Senator John McCain and the inept Obama regime with the help of the cohorts of the New World Order is not working as of yet. But keep your eye on the ball!

Apparently, the EU is not willing to sanction the Russian devil in the East any more than necessary, especially if you read (June 27, 2014) that BP just signed another major oil deal with Russian Rosneft, worth 1.5 billion dollars (Wall Street Journal).

France will be training 400 Russian soldiers, shortly, at the STX shipbuilding yards in St. Nazaire after delivering the first of two helicopter (named Wladiwostok and Sewastopol) carriers to the Russian Navy, a total value over 1.5 billion dollars and 500 jobs.

Rheinmetall, another German armaments factory had been training the Russian Army under contract, when questions asked about this in the German Parliament caused the suspension of the contract.

Rule number one: Always sell to both sides in any conflict. It is simply good business, IBM and GE both know that very well. Here is an historic example, the German General Electric plants were never destroyed by the US and Allies in WWII, but you did not know that. Nor did you know the fact that the Nazi proudly used the IBM developed punch card (Hollerith) system and their punch cards to round up Jews. Just keep buying those stocks my friends. Does your conscience really care?

In the meantime, dumbo Americans are kept busy watching the manufactured border crisis, the Iraqi ISIS taking charge of the oilfields, and the inept Obama regime is busy hollowing out the country at a rapid rate. No you will not hear this on the Fox or MSNBC sewer news.

Other “new world order tactics” are bureaucrats stealing your money in the form of useless appropriations for their cronies, like the State of Massachusetts approving 50 million dollars as an opt out payment for a health care site which does not work, and 9 million dollars for a Governor’s corner office. Who got the Democrat bakshees here? A few legal weed dispensaries will be thrown in as well for those who cannot buy their own, and the “electorate” is kept happy. The IRS deletes files, etc. In the Veterans Administration Hospitals you died quicker than anywhere else. A Benghazi terror suspect gets read his Miranda Rights. The “holy war circus” in Congress goes on. Get off the Kool aid!

A Banana Republic would be a better word, but at least you can tell your (grand) kids they are seeing the death of an empire in real time. And they will see the rise of the “Fascist Nazicrat Regime”. Good luck to you all, may God bless the innocent and help the ignorant!

With the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday in mind, I was looking for a good picture to illustrate the importance of that day. Here is what I found in a 1959 issue of the Photographic Annual, a photo made by Ken Heyman titled “Salute”.img429There always will be some standing around with hands in their or your pockets! Watch the real “fireworks” coming.