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gentlemansviewpointWe live in interesting times to say the least, especially if you have trouble correlating political events that take you or your country by storm.How do you put these events in the proper context? Let me try with an example  not meant to sway any democrat, since those cannot be shaken out of their “gleichschaltung” syndrome advocated and instituted by their leadership. For those not familiar with the terminology, I have used an acceptable article on wikipedia in the link above. Of course, there are many other examples in great detail as to how this mental disorder advocated by unscrupulous “social behavioral” manipulators like certain psychologists or psychiatrists working in private or in the Media Universities many times for Governmental Agencies under contract. Other sources of this term are here and here to cite further examples, I prefer the latter one. Our main point in our explanation leads to some interesting phrases found in the preface of this book The Art of War by Sun Tzu over two thousand years ago.

img613 img614 In order to follow the argumentation, you will have to read the foreword and the underlined (by me) sentences. And understand who B.H. Liddell Hart was, and we will get to that.

img616img617Aimg617BThe war on the American people by the Democratic Party and with help of some very corrupt Republicans can only be fought by taking the moral “High Ground”, where the enemy is very weak (following the water principle).

The political deceptions used by the “self-empowered” group(s) aided and abetted by “embedded state and local officials” endowed by the  party payroll system can be countered by the proper speech and argumentation laid out by the American Constitution. All other actions, such as, “demonizing”, race baiting, etc. will not do.

Most sane people will follow when they see the example you will set with the two control modules of behavior and speech. The Country will suffer from a self imposed border crisis, initiated by Communist Democrats and Republicans hiding in political parties under the banner of “Progressivism” or like minded indoctrination philosophies. Who was watching this “oncoming” crises? Your democratically elected masters? Those Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee? Maybe those “obscure” government agents at the NSA?

Yes my friends, a set up, a “false flag”, an old fashioned “crisis” or in old Communist parlance, well known to some “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Part of the cure is to un-elect those who enrich themselves, but not their peoples by allowing wanton waste and criminal spending, by allowing a lack of “responsibility” and accountability for misappropriation, deceitfulness, and criminal activity, like using privileged information obtained while “on the peoples’ duty” to add to their own pockets.

Secondly, always follow the money, ask yourselves who truly benefits? Watch the elected Representative’s trips, ask them who they are conferring with? Count the results, become a government watchdog and multiply the information, like Jesus did with the bread and fish to use an old Parable.

Thirdly, do not ever suck into “accepting” the proposed change, like “ante-up” $4 billion for the illegal Children requested by your President. Once you do accept, this moral blackmail will be used to solve their instituted, by lack of leadership or plain deceit, do gooder “crisis”, and it will become a stepping stone to the next crisis. This is the Community organizer’s shake down tactic. It is something some are good at, as they had this leadership experience in their own unions, churches or towns and states. Once you accept, it has now become the “norm”, i.e. normal and the onslaught on your remaining moral values will begin again, and will never, ever stop.

Yes, there is a war going on, and you must fight them using their same tactics!

John F. Kennedy used a quote by B.H. Liddell Hart in this book shown below.

img565img566The quote is on the first page, after the dedication of the book to his parents: “I do not criticize persons, but only a state of affairs. It is they, however, who will have to answer for deficiencies at the bar of history.” Liddell Hart 1933

The foreword in this edition of J.F. Kennedy’s book is by Henry Robinson Luce founder of Time, Fortune and Life magazines. In his own right, he was working for a total transformation of America!

“America is asleep at present”, but history repeats itself easily, your Islamic Jihadists are not asleep, are crossing the US Southern border as you read this post, some are in your government, many are openly in your Universities sucking on taxpayers money and indoctrinating your children, some are in your military, i.e. Major Hassan and many others, including inept senior officers that are complicit.

It is newly in fashion to slaughter Christians everywhere in the Middle East without the Pope, Most Churches and your Governments speaking up, as they are pawns in the grip of the United Nations (UN). The UN would love to disarm you (see the UN’s Agenda 21) and obliterate most, including Christianity and Judaism, but not all religions, certainly not Islam. If you voice this opinion you take the chance of being labelled a “terrorist” by your duly elected Representatives!

Some of your enemies are financed or founded by your own government, like ISIS in Iraq, with the help of money from some “oil princes”.

Yet, there is hope! Let me show you. Hamas rejects a cease fire with Israel. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East knows how to deal with “Jihadists”. This time, those Jihadists who hide behind the female skirts in houses, under hospitals and fire rockets from environmental dump sites, financed with good German money in good faith, might be driven into the sea!

Your President and John Kerry have succeeded in alienating most allies and especially Israel. The President by snubbing an old ally Israel and instigating Muslim fundamentalist takeovers in the Middle East some were subsequently reversed, like in Egypt.

John Kerry, a rich idiot, of part Jewish descent, did it by proposing a “Ghetto” solution for Jerusalem. Your friendly CIAthe spy outfit” was thrown out of Germany for spying on an ally! Today’s Die Zeit, a German leading newspaper carries a piece with the title “Are they still our friends”? German Parliament wants an investigation. The US President and his business cronies will now have to negotiate a bit harder with the EU in order to have them accept the TTIP and TISA Agreements that are so desperately sought by US Industries, like General Electric (GE), etc.

In the mean time, spokespersons for the US Government, that includes Victoria Nuland of “Fuck the EU” fame, “explain” to the ignorant press that the Ukrainian Government is fully justified in using tanks and aircraft bombing against secessionists within their own borders in the eastern part of their country, while the Ukrainian puppet master is saying his troops must destroy 1000 rebels for every soldier that dies. DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF SUCH STATEMENTS? Russia will soon openly support the rebels after the Ukrainian aircraft bomb Russian speakers in the Eastern Ukraine. At least that President defends his Nation against encroaching NATO led Ukrainian fascists while Obama does not want to visit a humanitarian crisis at the US southern border! In the mean time, Germany’s Angela Merkels Facebook site is down after some Ukrainians feel that she sided too much with Russia’s Putin.

B.H. Liddell Hart was also referred to by author Jon Kimche in an old but very interesting book The Battle Never Fought.

The American Giant, The American people are just now waking up! They are taking their places on the virtual world wide battlefield for freedom, the freedom to pursue your dreams of “happiness”. You must be an alternative media reader to understand what is going on in the world, in order to understand what affects you at home. Small scandals like the illegal delivery of more than fifty thousand thousands of pistols, model SP2022, made by the German gun maker SIG SAUER, exported through their US company, through Tacom= US Defense Dept., to the Columbian Police, will affect the company in New Hampshire. I must assume no one read some press reports about an obscure Hong Kong based company HKND Group (chamber of Commerce registration 88941) that made a proposal to dig a canal through Nicaragua so huge Chinese ships with a 400,000 tonnage can pass through, something that they cannot do through the Panama Canal. How is that for business. Who recently visited Nicaragua??? How about this visit.

Understanding International politics is not easy, just have a look here. The Democrat and Republican pundits keep you busy with the “children”, illegal immigration, driver licenses for illegals, disease at the border, bridges that collapse, infrastructure funds that have been diverted for years, a bit of bad mouthing about an Israeli incursion into GAZA. Guess what? Here is something really interesting.