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Rumors have it that the Mayor of New York City Mr. Bill de Blasio is on a well deserved vacation somewhere in Italy.In case you are going as well and your Italian is rusty have a look at this book How to Be An Italian by Lou D’Angelo.


Overheard a conversation between two Italian Gentleman: Hai sentito? Che cosa? Il Sindaco di New York e qui! Ma e un Communista! Ma fa, dicono e un Sindacalista o un Camerata. Ti dico io e UN COMMUNISTA. Va bene e un Communista e allora? Ti da una manch sicuro. Ma non e un Communista di 1%. Non ti danno niente, le sanno tutti. Risposta: Anche lui va e visita il Papa.


It’s true, even the great multi culti advocate Bill de Blasio has to go and pay homage to that Jesuit and Commie sympathizer Pope Francis and discuss and report on the United Nations New World Order Agenda 21 called the moral dilemma of “Migration” i.e. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as it is called in ordinary parlance.