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Let me give you an historical overview of what is happening today in a nutshell, with some references to historical events and dates. If you are into numerology, then you will need to do more of your own research. What I can point out are “coincidences” perhaps leading to conspiracy and perhaps only to strange unexplainable facts to outsiders like you and me. Nevertheless history travels never in a straight line, and what was obscure yesterday might get into the limelight tomorrow or after a century.

2014 – A Bilderberg Conference was held in Copenhagen 60 years after the first Bilderberg conference was held on May 29, 1954 in the Netherlands!

Note the Netherlands and Germany have Patriot missiles stationed in Turkey not far from the Syrian border, and withdrawal of these will be on the NATO agenda in September 2014. Below is where “our history” starts.

June 28, 1914 – The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo. (Note the coincidence with what happened there decades later (Bosnia wars 1992-1995) and note the Dutch Government guilty verdict by the Dutch Court on July 5, 2014 with respect to the Bosnian massacres in Srebrenica that was under Dutch/United Nations (UN) protection, crimes committed by the Serbs who entered the enclaves on the 7th of July 1995.

July 28, 1914 – First shots fired and the start of the First World War, later dubbed the “Great War”.

May 7, 1915  – The ocean liner Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat. A lot of controversy and conspiracy theories surround the sinking of the ship. The sinking of the ship was used to help sway the American population to join the Allies in their fighting, and the USA entered World War One on April 6, 1917. The Lusitania Affair, in which a small number of Americans died, was covered and explained in the controversial book titled The Lusitania by author Colin Simpson.




Conclusion: A classic secret military operation, an event which assists the military industrial complex including “the shadow services of the deep state” to advance their cause blaming “unknown parties” or the “enemy forces” for their own staged events.

Another “staged” or “stacked” event would be the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident or the “false Polish attack” on a German radio station used by the Nazi’s to start the attack on Poland in 1939. The incidents are also labelled False flag operations. Let us put aside the 911 event theories.


Fast Forward 2014 – Civil War in the Ukraine. Flight MH017 Malaysian Airlines. (Coincidence? Notice all the 7’s present: MH017 date 7/17 Boeing 777)

1. Coincidence: NATO held several exercises in June 2014 which included “electronic warfare” including countries which border the Ukraine. (search engine term: NATO Newfip 2014).

2. During this period disturbances in Air Traffic and Radar communications were reported in Germany and Austria, mostly effecting flights above 30.000 ft. Inquiries (questions and answers here in German) were made by members of Parliament in Germany with the Civil Authorities. English translation here. Of some importance is question number 7. Military control center for these exercises is Ramstein Allied Air Command, source: Spiegel online June 13, 2014.

Here are some facts not conspiracy: No USA, British or French airliner flies over the Donetszk Region. The Federal Aviation Administraton (FAA) has ruled that portion of the Ukraine off limits since April 25th, and because of the dispute, the International Civil Aviation Organization, a branch of the United Nations, warned airlines April 3rd to avoid the area.

Another Malaysian Airlines flight, flight MH004 to London from Kuala Lumpur flew last Sunday July 20, 2014 over Syria, another area where BUK missiles are known to be. Are they looking for another incident or are they just stupid?

Here is the response from Malaysian Airlines: “Monday, July 21, 10:05 PM GMT +0800 Media Statement 10 : MH17 Incident. This statement is to clarify the misunderstanding caused by a tweet from Flightradar24 on Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH004 from Kuala Lumpur to London that flew over Syrian airspace on 20 July 2014 at 1:20pm local time. MH004’s flight plan is in accordance to International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) approved routes. As per the notice to airmen (NOTAM) issued by the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority, the Syrian airspace was not subject to restrictions.
At all times, MH004 was in airspace approved by ICAO. Malaysia Airlines maintains that safety of its passengers and crew is of utmost priority.”  Quote taken from the Malaysian Airlines site.

On a general note, several other airlines flew over the same region in the last few weeks. See the list with the number of flights (source Spiegel and Flighttracker) below:

Clipboard01For what it is worth, read this from David Cenciotti’s web blog.

So here are the “QUESTIONS”:

1 – Which organization(s) that controls air space (Eurocontrol etc.) let a plane fly in a war zone when even the newspaper reading idiots know that there have been several planes shot down and there are all sorts of weapons?

2 – Why after the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane did the Ukrainian government raise the no fly ceiling in that region several times up to 30.000 ft? Who in their right mind would let a plane MH017 fly at 33.000 ft., after the Ukrainian government claims that the “rebels” have BUK missiles that the UK government also possesses, most likely stationed in the East Ukraine to protect their borders with Russia.

3 – Have any NATO troops or US Special Forces or other US forces been trained on BUK missiles? IF so when? How long does this difficult training take? According to “experts”, a rather difficult system to manage!

4 – Why did Joe Biden within 24 hours claim “it was no accident” with bodies still laying fresh on the ground? Who has an interest supplying the Ukrainian military with weapons? Mr. John McCain and the New World Order?

5 – Why was there such a large group of AIDS researchers on the same plane? Is there something we should know or is there something we are not allowed to know?

On a political note: What Nation or Nations or group of profiteers is powerful enough to coerce a money losing airline to lose one or two planes in exchange for a later bank guarantee for future profits or any other sort of promise or threat? Or use the “Shock and Awe” theory in action to prod a continent to action?

Is there a secret shareholder war or other war going on? Is there a secret “Malaysian war” going on? The starting point is a small but influential nation (Netherlands) with advantageous tax and banking regulations for Oligarchs, Oil companies, Information Technology companies, Russian marauders and a true drug transport haven.

It is also a base for the CIA, DEA, NSA, remember one of the Benghazi four came from the US station in the Hague. The Netherlands is also pacifist, anti NATO and a German vassal (client) state.

Germany is hesitant to apply Russian sanctions. Who can “warmonger” in the Netherlands and nudge them into approving a NATO action in the Ukraine? Or was this to scare and nudge and set an example for the Germans to spur them into action? Conveniently, the involved airline (Malaysian) is located at the other part of the world. Russia has little to gain from shooting down a plane. In fact, in 2001 the Ukrainians shot a Russian civilian plane down with a missile and acknowledged it. The missiles used to shoot down the airliner need a IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) signal from the transponders that can be disabled electronically (NATO exercises?) as much as the entire automatic flight system can be hacked.

Our thoughts go out to the innocent victims of this terror act and to their families. It could have been you or me.

Questions, real questions need to be asked such as ” who stands to gain the most “, from war, sloppy indecisive European Community support or lack of actions and who will be the “bank” for these and future New World Order adventures. Until the answers come do not lay mere blame, but follow the facts.

Who flew over the cuckoo’s nest?