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gentlemansviewpointLet’s start this post by asking a simple question. If you are a major power, then how do you force or bully the smaller ones into submission?

Let us take a recent case as an example. Assume you own a pipeline with five commercial partners (NORDSTREAM AG) of which one has a 51% interest, Russia’s Gazprom, supplies about 30% of all European gas, yet you are located in Switzerland. The chance of bullying this company for political reasons, smartly located in money making Switzerland, whose banks now supply the United States’ taxman with information on their US based bank account holders is next to nil, especially if some of these Swiss banks just paid huge fines extracted by the US Justice Department. It is cheaper to demonize the “culprit” in the New World Order Media, like the one shown below, certainly some gullible Americans will fall for it.

pariahThose Europeans need gas and oil, and if there isn’t any there will be a revolution. Note one: US trade with Russia does not amount to more than 50 billion dollars, but trade with Russia from the European Union (EU) amounts to almost 9 times that amount. So some in the US Government (recruited out of the Socialist bulwark Universities where everything is theory) will probably say: Great nothing to lose.

Smart partners are those five shareholders in that pipeline. One, a subsidiary of the largest Chemical company in the world by their own advertising is BASF owning 15.5%. The other a “Dutch company”, owns 9 % and has a network of over 15,000 kilometers of pipelines in the Netherlands and Northern Germany. That same Dutch company (Ned. Gas Unie) is owned with a 40% interest by another Dutch company Energie Beheer BV, by the Dutch State with a 10% interest, and yes yes yes by EXXON MOBIL with 25% and SHELL with 25%. Hard to bully Exxon Mobil and Shell, two prime examples of honest diehard super trans national capitalism, not your “mom and pop” variety!

the seven sistersSo let us make a historical comparison that takes us to a pre WWII situation.

In 1999 Exxon (Standard Oil of New Jersey) bought Mobil (Standard Oil of New York) and became the largest oil company in the world. The second largest oil company is Royal Dutch/Shell, located in the United Kingdom and Netherlands. The links to BASF, part of the IG Farben Combine at the time, is well known.

The “developer” of the  Auschwitz III Monowitz Concentration Camp was BASF Board Member and employee, chemist Otto Ambros (1901-1990) Nazi Party member 6 099 313, who was convicted at the Nuremberg Trials and condemned to serve 8 years in prison. Otto Ambros was a recipient of the Dr. Fritz Todt Prize. The document below with his signature is from a private archive. In this document Ambros wrote, thanked the addressee, and expressed the hope that BASF (Badischen) will return to former glory, as soon as, a turn for the better in the war is achieved.

ambrosAfter the 1950’s, Ambros was back in business as a “chemical consultant”.(Read especially point 4,5,6,7 in the link above)

A son Dieter H.Ambros rose to become President of BASF Wyandotte with the responsibility for BASF’s United States chemical business. One of the contractors for the pipeline of Nord Stream AG was ALLSEAS Group SA that owns the world’s largest pipe lay vessel. Another major contractor was the Dutch Royal Boskalis Westminster Company that owns the world’s largest dredging fleet. No matter how hard you look you cannot escape the historical link between SHELL and ALLSEAS.

During WWII Royal Dutch/Shell developed 100 octane gasoline for the US Military and her allies that was instrumental in helping to win the air battle for Britain.( From the book Shell Soldier and Civilian  published in 1945 shown above and below)

img572Another worthwhile read about some dark corporate involvements during World War II is this book Ethyl A History of the Corporation and the People Who Made It by Joseph C. Robert.

img349Now, let us continue with the saga and draw some conclusions.

Number one: You cannot bully any of the above companies into sanctions, in spite of what the US State Department under John Kerry and what Obama would like you to believe.

Number two: The US Industrial Oil and Gas complex would like to supply Europe with gas and or oil or both, it is claimed that the US has enough oil and gas reserves, if they have not been secretly pawned off to the Chinese as collateral for more dollars. Is that the true reason we are not drilling more on US Government land and not building the Keystone Pipeline? To put all of this plan into action takes time.

So who do you bully, pardon me sanction? Well, for example, this company  won a contract with the Bulgarian State to build the SOUTHSTREAM  Bulgarian pipeline, and got a nice loan from the Gazprombank.,Watch the dates on those articles in the links above.

What you probably never knew were the troubles the Bulgarian banks and  the Bulgarian State were in.

Who benefits if the SOUTHSTREAM Project goes south? NORDSTREAM? A.k.a. the five partners? Never mind that those Southern Europeans  and Austrians could be sitting in the cold coming this winter. Who cares does the sun not shine? How about some solar panels perhaps, something more GREEN.

The “coming war” is not about the Ukraine, this phony proxy war is about big business and a few oligarchs ( i.e. Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, working for Burisma oil and gas in the Ukraine), and sold to you and me in a different form. In the mean time Senator John McCain is blaring about selling arms to the Ukrainians supplied by his supporters from the US military Industrial complex. Note: The corrupt Ukrainian army and their suppliers sold of a large supplies of weapons to the rest of the world including Syria. Back to the Geo political game and sanctions. Another reason for some companies like Stroytransgaz to receive a boycott or sanction is this. Keep watching those dates!.

For the coming war German arms maker Rheinmetall would like to merge with German Arms maker Kraus Maffei valued over 900 million euros (in excess of 1.2 billion dollars). The corporate history of Reheinmetall on their site is rather short. Financing for these types of Merger operations and creating new clients are done or can be done through other deals. The dark history and historical ties between leading German companies and leading Dutch companies is well known, even throughout the German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. After World War II, the Dutch airline KLM assisted with expatriating leading Nazi collaborators from Switzerland and other parts to South America. Business is business after all. Why would it be different today and tomorrow? Lesson to be learned: If you cannot bully and sanction the Big Ones, create strange events and put more pressure on the “smaller ones”.

Can YOU see the dark hand behind the scenes of the New World Order Fourth Reich?