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img492 Food and recipes are a big thing for some of us! But if you think that digging up good recipes is easy, far from it, and neither is cooking a good meal. We have done lots of cook books on our blog, but this one, Lit a’ la Carte compiled by Rex Beckham, featured above must be the ABSOLUTE BEST.

What recipe does your favorite or not so favorite author have in store for you? Well, somebody else did that research and here it is. This rare food gem has a listing of all the contributing writers on the back. So, let’s have a look at some of these authors at random.

img493Some really great librarians who also love to cook must have worked on this fabulous book, but a lot of kudos should go to the contributors and the eaters as well.

So is there a correlation between good or not so good writing and great or not so great food and recipes? Would you rather have dinner with anyone of those authors or read their books? You might elect both possibilities, but let’s start with the simple possibility, with the recipes. How about one from Allen Ginsberg?

Really tasty I would assume! Just amazing what these poets and writers like Christopher Fry will concoct for themselves or have you eat.

img500The blueberry soup could tickle my taste buds, especially since it comes from a Pulitzer Price winning poet, if and only if it would be made with fresh picked blueberries in season now, unless of course you are one of our Siberian, African or Alaskan readers of this blog. Actually I have no clue what would be in season in Australia either. Let’s have a look at what this great mystery writer has in store for your table.

To top this literary experience off, did you know there are two authors here with the same last name King? One is Francis Henry King and perhaps he was a good writer, but I do not care for the recipe. The other King is, I must assume that this will be the only place where you will read about a recipe of this great American Novelist, the one and only Stephen King.

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