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This post features an amalgamation of “conspiracy news”. You can pick and choose what applies to your life, and what applies to the rest of the world.

Let us start with this book Spychips by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre. It is about the technology that combined with Facebook, Twitter and Google has you turn your underwear inside out, and go out and buy an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) reader proof wallet. Of course, if you use the highway toll pass system with the transponder you’re sucked anyhow.

img668 img671More information with a video on how these gizmo’s work here. You alarmist scoundrel!

Ok, so how about this for a sweet presentation?

Clipboard completeI can hear you say: Where is the proof? History, when told and written correctly does not lie. Let me give you another example here.

moa30 Million, 40 million or 50 million deaths before your time? As the saying goes one victim is a crime, a hundred is slaughter, but a million is an event for the news. Let us move on to a more current crime.

moayBenghazi? What difference does it make? In the mean time the “embassy” is closed in Tripoli lady. How did that work out for you? Nothing to see here!

Consolidation is coming to German armament makers. Could it be that Rheinmetall is buying Kraus Maffei the German tank maker soon?

Clipboard01No wonder this man, a former commander of the German 12th Panzer Brigade is now, you guessed it, read on. After all, why should only Germany have real Kommandanten. Wir brauchen Ihm! You rascal conspiracy spooky stuff believer you.

Next, here is some minor money news.

India tells the World Trade Organisaton (WTO) to kiss off, and the boys at the United Nations (UN) in Manhattan order less drinks at their favorite club, and wanna negotiate a more favorable rate for their weekly ESCORT services.

Ebola patients on the way to ATLANTA. Why was the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Muhammad Kasim Reed the only US Mayor invited to attend the BILDERBERG Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this year? Interesting, there was also a Minister of Health from Portugal also attending the conference, a country that maintains good relations in Africa. Pure chance? Of course, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is located in De Kalb County Georgia, a few miles from Atlanta. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to spend a 100 million dollars on fighting Ebola and warns about catastrophic consequences, but there is nothing to worry about in the US. Really?

Rumors just rumors of course! How about buying some gaz investments off shore near the Ukraine or Crimea? What is good for the goose is also good for New York Oligarchs. Why do you think the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) want their own bank, and would love to get out of the greenback before it sinks? Could it be before we declare war on Putin? No dice smart Alec, remember the Russia-China 400 billion gas deal? It is only in pundit county a.k.a the disconnected capital of the Free world that you can party 24/7, waste the tax payers money and ask the Chinese for more. Bow your heads and smile. Want real news? Follow up with Aaron Klein On Line on Sunday nights 7 to 9 p.m. EST, straight from Tel Aviv live.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/microchip-implants-in-healthy-people-2014-7#ixzz39og7q9YW