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gentlemansviewpointIn the Ukraine in the last few days, the newly established Neo Fascist led Government attacked their own Ukrainian citizens with aircraft and tanks in the city of DONEZK where one million people live. More people have died here in this conflict than in the Gaza strip recently. The Pontius Pilati of the European Union do not care about the Eastern Ukraine, they think in terms of markets and products only, supported by the United States, ready to station troops on Ukrainian soil.

img125Hardly any water or gas is available and several inhabitants died overnight due to an airstrike. This is according to several German Press reports. At this moment it is perhaps the most reliable press in the region. Will Donezk end up like Rotterdam, Coventry, Warsaw, Dresden, Budapest over half a century ago? The Ukrainian Government has instituted a new military draft and a war tax because without the United States and European support they are bankrupt. Soldiers have to bring with them their own amenities and sometimes food.

Clipboard01The United Nations (UN) is concerned about a humanitarian crisis. In the Transcarpathian Region of the Ukraine, peasants have blocked roads in a protest against forced induction into the military.

In solidarity with the plight of the people living in DONEZK, without taking any sides, I want to share this YouTube video with Stevie Winwood and Eric Clapton singing Presence of the Lord.

img994Here is an another forgotten story in the book, Red Wedding by Damon Orlow from an earlier time about the Ukraine.

img995img998img999Aimg999BWhat will the citizens of Donezk tell us next? Is there another “Donezk” in the future near you?