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img081What lies between these two extremes?

img080On the road to being a well dressed gentleman, there are options like the ones shown below.

camera 12 003 camera 12 007 camera 12 008 camera 12 010 camera 12 011A superb find would be this brown vintage 100% fur felt hat, made in the finest quarters of London, England by a company that has been around literally for ages LOCK & Co Hatters on St. James’s Street. It gets even better if you know that this one was made for Brooks Brothers, that true Icon brand of traditional clothing for the American male, worn by the best bankers and the greatest professors the world over, a few decades ago. These hats get better with age like a single malt whiskey.

camera 12 013camera 12 014Next would be this, made closer to home in Canada, a good old vintage wide brim Biltmore hat in a nice grey that makes you look like a modern version of Eliott Ness.

camera 12 015 camera 12 016 camera 12 017 camera 12 018 Not as pliable as the fur felt hat from Lock, of course, but nicely understated anyway!

And for those among you who are digging for the proverbial gold in California, safari around the Mohave Desert or the wild bush in Australia, perhaps navigate the jungle in Detroit or Chicago, I recommend this wide brimmed choice in military khaki to keep the hot sun away, with a leather strap, from Dorfman Pacific, makers of head wear since 1921.

camera 12 028 camera 12 029 camera 12 031As far as the snobbish culture is concerned, I’ll throw in the back covers below and that is it.

img082 img083