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camera 12 077No design credit is given on this Mozart Symphony no. 40 Beethoven Symphony no. 8 record cover album with the National Symphony Orchestra, that makes great use of the negative image.camera 12 078camera 8 069Beethoven Fifth Symphony with Havana Symphony Orchestra, shown above, is an a fine portrait cover done by Curt John Witt. Witt was also known as Design House.camera 8 072Unmistakable in design are these three Steinweiss record covers of Beethoven symphony no. 9i n D minor, op. 125 Bruno Walter; Madame Butterfly and Verdi La Traviata.

camera 12 051The great mix of different types is absolutely fabulous!

camera 12 058Again look at the different kinds of type!

camera 14 035Your eye is expertly led to the middle and focuses on this almost Gio Ponti like image below.

camera 14 037 A completely different design by Ched Vuckovic can be seen on this Richard Strauss record cover below.

camera 12 073camera 12 074Slowly but surely we are coming into a different type of design adventure with the bold brush strokes of two tone abstract expressionism by Jon Henry, almost after Franz Kline on this Stravinsky Rite of Spring cover.

camera 12 113 camera 12 115We end with an example of a deconstructed composition by the great graphic design master S. Neil Fujita on the Provocative Piano cover with Dick Hyman and His Orchestra.

camera 11 026From the same time is a very colorful “Italian like” image by George Giusti on The Ray Charles Singers Command Performances’ cover.

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