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gentlemansviewpointHalfway into writing a post on photography, I changed course. Governments, or what pretends to be one, do this all the time. Let me see if I can explain, in simple terms perhaps, using a few book covers, titles, excerpts and a photograph, how this all fits together. It helped me to express where I think we are at in this world of ours. Some of the old style rhetoric is rather simple when you read this book title below.

img074BThe remedy, how simple this sounds, a lot of pundits with obscure degrees could and did suck on this theme for a few decades. The sly brainwashing and sloganeering used by those pundits who squandered your wealth might have been initiated with the opening quote of the above book shown below.

Right on! After having seen a few raised clenched fists and ominous Sieg Heils in the world, it would be better to look for other solutions, I think. Of course under Sharia law, you must pay your fair share for the maintenance of the prophets’ will, and sometimes you pay with your life, but who cares? Certainly not this Congress, they are on vacation and so is the Commander in Chief. You really must wonder how many folks would vote for Vladimir tomorrow if he were an American and running for office? He would fix the  border problem at once or annex a slice of Mexico. Be my guest Vlad!

There have always been plenty “oppressed” and plenty were slaughtered world wide, usually the innocent ones. Iraq and ISIS anyone? Back home there is a different reality show. Watch out for the slogan “They’ll put you’all back in chains” if you live in Ferguson Missouri and perhaps they should.

What happened to the presumed innocent until proven guilty? Perhaps it works only when you are black, whites apparently better not apply, but only if you let them condition you after they take away your Second Amendment rights.


1963 First Ed. Cover by Alfred Zalon

You guessed it. There is no lamb here! Then along came this title.

img085Now you know you really got screwed, and we do not want to go there so you must take it Day by Day.


1977 First Ed. Cover by Charles Skaggs

Maybe these folks in the photo below, just like us, are watching a fuse being lit.

img087(The photo above is from the photo book This is Vienna published in 1961 written by the Austrian photographer Barbara Pflaum (1912-2002) and author Joerg Mauthe (1924-1986) Both resided in Vienna.)

Thank the “anointed one” from Hawaii never mind if the book below is a novel from the old days, or if you do not know the author, after all, sometimes we are able to judge a book by its cover and occasionally by the title as well.

img084The rest of the tragic story you live every day when you see the empire slide into the abyss of negligence, incompetence and into the bosom of unadulterated greed, as if there will be anything left after the “anointed one” is done!

Unintentionally en parlant, I composed this post, wickedly written and full of bite, following the axiom “Speak now or forever hold your ‘unearned’ peace.” So said the dwarf to the fool  “What color is your stripe”?