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gentlemansviewpointSo you have studied a little and read a lot, but waiting around the corner, meaning waiting for a well read man to come along, lies a proverbial minefield.

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camera 17 044If you hang around long enough, you will pay attention to the various signs before you cross the field and if you did not, well as far as I can tell, you will be on your own on this winding road. You will be food for the “masters” and among the many dangers, if you step in a minefield, you might become, ” A Father of Spin and a lover of the curved Goddess, the suitor of the mighty nymph of lies. Once you entered the subconscious abyss of those claiming a veritable Veritas at every turn, you will be looking for a dark corner to take that urgent piss.”

camera 18 027If you passed up that urge or did that “politically not correct” thing, have a look at this 3 minute clip to “frame” the perception of your world.

This post is meant to bring you an update on the news, old news perhaps, the downing of an airliner flight MH17.

Here are two accounts that might overlap to some degree, but offer some insights into current deceptions by the news creating (but not reporting) “old media” on the payroll of the “masters” (your two party hangmen).

The first account is here from Willy Loman.

The second account comes from the corbettreport.com in the form of a long video.

From a Gentleman’s Viewpoint: We would like to point out that any books displayed here are for the fictional illustration of our satire and bear no resemblance to any characters on the playing field as the books are mere containers of expressed thoughts.