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gentleman 2Not too long ago, people lived in an era where they could cluster around a radio or television set and witness a live event. It was in a place where they were together with others, such as, a living room at a friend’s house, a bar, or a well equipped public service facility. They would hear or see noteworthy things, and discuss them among themselves at home or wherever they were. This was real journalism!

Public and also private history was and still is remembered by dates. Dates of birth, dates of death, dates of your first driver’s license, your first vote or whatever dates were important to you at that time.

The same applies to nations. The dates, be they common or important for whatever the reason, are remembered and perhaps celebrated, the other minor ones are forgotten, not an unconscious process, but a collective conscious one for which no one votes, but everyone understands their importance of forgetting or rather the unimportance of such a date in our personal lives.

Some folks live with a vivid memory of where they were on a certain personal date or a public date that stands out in collective memory like the upcoming September 11 date. The real question, perhaps, is, “Does collective history have meaning in your personal life” today? Do we live by the day, the hour, the period, the moment, or by the history which creates a life around us irrespective of beliefs, creed, color, and time? Time from here to where? Or is it from the where to here? Does time increase with the remembering of it’s passing? Do the events take up more or less “space”, if you get your news from Twitter and Facebook in your virtual search for an ever “connectedness” to “real time”?

Imagine looking at time from the abstract historical point of view. From the time where you could take “noteworthy memory” home, to a place where the collective becomes private again at the start and stop of a button. Shown below is an example of how the collective became private again in a “Nation”, not a tribe.

camera 14 003Buying the record GO! Colonel Glenn in Orbit (shown above), and playing it, allowed us to “activate” our memory. If we listened to the radio, at the time, it allowed us to listen to the emotions present in the human voice, and  note and preserve the history of the moment and the date.

camera 14 004Below is a YouTube video of the album GO! Colonel Glenn in Orbit.

Today, you might as well be in “outer space”, have you heard a Congress man or woman cry out or any other high government official “your leaders” speak out about the importance of the date, when another human being was beheaded in the most gruesome manner in the “Levant”? No, I have no need to watch a propaganda video about the beheading allowing whatever voyeuristic instinct to surface in a very ill world. But be silent? NEVER.

Did your Church ring a bell? Did your Mosque close in protest? Of course not, too many self absorbed false prophets abound.

Do not avert your “eyes”, in this case “memory”.

All the rest can wait. After all, it is only time, meaningless until you add a date to remember.