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camera 21 044What news from the” Eastern Front”? Sanctions and condemnation, or is it again time to let some other “Russians” speak? Let’s see if the prophets and experts of  the decaying Imperial Powers, certain left opinion makers and babbling progressive TV hosts remember the period described in the book, Sakharov Speaks below.

img385Naturally, many of these so called “experts” and well intentioned leaders today were not even born when the book came out in 1974, and history was and is probably not one of their strong points.

Today they “the self anointed” leaders like to emphasize markets and economics, not rights nor human rights, but you can buy vitamins for your pets! Next in line will be pep pills for your telephone and implants for your brain so you will not have to hold your phone in your hand or plug up the ear.

img498Probably, the real reason for this post was reading a paragraph in this book about psychiatry, and seeing several documentaries a while back about psychiatric abuse in the United States Military and elsewhere. Something about boxes of drugs given to Veterans, like you and I would give vitamins to the dog. Pardon me, I meant you, as I don’t own a dog.

Another good reason for this post is because I read an interesting article in a serious German newspaper about a victim of psychiatric abuse, who finally got his rights restored, after a lot of excuses and lawmakers who requested Parliament to look into this abuse.

Another fine reason would be the Justina Pelletier and the Department of Children and Family (DCF) case in Massachusetts (USA) which brought the abuse of parental rights by an American State to the forefront of national interest. Not that I really believe most professional P’s really care about “rights” when there is a pill for every ill close at hand.

The red underlining in the text shown below is mine.

img496img497It would be interesting to hear what Vladimir Bukovsky has to say about the world, and in the case of the European Union a few years ago.

Just in case you wonder who the author Andrei Sakharov was, here is a short documentary by Russian Televison on YouTube about him.