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img543Inventing Reality was published by St. Martin’s Press in 1986, and written by the darling of the left Michael Parenti. No, this post is not about “right wing” or “left wing”, but about a very interesting story, a Korean Airliner shot down over the Soviet Union, in 1983, Flight KAL 007. Strange parallels exist perhaps with Malaysian flight MH017, make up your own mind after reading this fascinating chapter in the above mentioned book.

As usual I took the liberty to underline passages which I believe or important. Kudos should go to author Michael Parenti for writing and reporting this story.

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img529Is the reality we experience real,s or is there more than meet the eye? Look at how the tragedy developed. At times, it is good to be reminded about historical facts a few decades later. This post is not about blaming one side or another but about what facts are created when and how and by whom. The story is about information and who controls it, media, duplicity by governments and secret services. Nothing here that is unusual compared to the “reality” of the non accountability era we live in today. Yet the story shocks even decades later.