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gentlemansviewpointimg559(from the book The Earth and its Atmosphere shown below)

News from the Climate War Front at the United Nations in New York. Outside the red duped diaper babies, who can afford to demonstrate their misguided beliefs, are at it again. Never mind they were duped by their progressive grandfathers who provided the trust fund babies attending college with a nice stipend. Never mind they were indoctrinated by their crumb professors who have to lick the boot of Academia, just like their parents were indoctrinated.

Before the new nazi weathermen are trying to make their points, a few words and background information is in order here. Yes, we know the glaciers are receding, and the polar expeditions get stuck in real ice, blah blah blah. Of course, how many understand the machinations of the One World Power Hungry Club called the United Nations (UN)? Much of the American mindset propaganda in favor of the United Nations is well described in the dangerous book Peace or Anarchy by Cord Meyer Jr.

img199Yes, by the way Cord Meyer later became a high level CIA director. If you want to thicken the plot read this fairly accurate Wikipedia entry.

img202I’ll bet you never heard of the Agenda 21 program influence, never mind the treaties everyone signs, never mind that the same UN is one of the least believable political organizations on the planet. It was never designed to be anything better, just read a few really good books. Never mind that the White House pundit collects UN political points in advance, by sending US troops to fight Ebola instead of ISIS, and, by the way, how come only the US is sending military to fight Ebola? Never mind that you duped doped red progressive socialist babies are drunk on the Soros progressive kool aid, most of you will not read any of this.

Your “pope of climate change”, Al Gore was on the proverbial payroll of big oil and gas just like Al(bert) Gore Sr. was. Research into the background of your progressive socialist, a.k.a. communist spouts and pundits, it will really pay off. You can do so here.

img589In case you are not convinced by reading Hammer by Armand Hammer then read this book The Dark Side of Power by Carl Blumay with Henry Edwards below.

img590When the phony bubble burst, Junior sold out to Big Media. Hoping you fools would do the bidding for those who want to trade carbon credits on the exchanges (your daddy and granddaddy would be glad to do this, so you can get more dough in the end, if there is anything left after the progressive socialists’ governments rape the working stiffs). The poor working stiffs in China and Africa will finally get their “fair share”, my *ss!

Much of the UN climate propaganda history started after the scientific conclusions were arrived at during the International Geophysical Year.

Paul Bacon 1957 dustjacketimg558This is a true early historical account written by experts at a time when much of the earlier climate research was either poorly funded or left a lot of questions open. Just so you will take the trouble, my misguided pals, read a bit from the article here and you will get the drift of what some might call the true start of the One World Government conspiracy theories.(red underlining mine)


Hmm, the Rand Corporation was set up and funded by the US military.

img561“On May 14, 1948, Project RAND—an organization formed immediately after World War II to connect military planning with research and development decisions—separated from the Douglas Aircraft Company of Santa Monica, California, and became an independent, nonprofit organization. Adopting its name from a contraction of the term research and development, the newly formed entity was dedicated to furthering and promoting scientific, educational, and charitable purposes for the public welfare and security of the United States.”- more here ” RAND pioneered the field of Soviet studies, beginning in 1950 with The Operational Code of the Politburo by Nathan Leites, which probed the political strategy of Bolshevism and aided the United Nations armistice-negotiating team in Korea.”- from the Rand website.

A war that ended in a stalemate, after all you do need a real or imagined boogeyman, one way or another, just think about the US funded ISIS.

Now back to our main focus, on the list of historical environmental literature is this very nice book, The Quiet Crisis by Stewart L. Udall shown below.

img564This is most likely the earliest pro environment book (1964, fourteenth printing) written by a Member of the US Congress, but I will not put my hands in the fire for that statement. The book is a good read. The Udalls are an elite prominent political (D) American family.

img575img574img576img577Yes, there are crises, yes we have environmental problems so go to China and go to South America, go to the real polluters, join good old Greenpeace, a fine organization before they got corrupted, sure make my day, protest the fine Ex CIA and Ex General caught with his pants down David Petraeus when he walks toward that University door willing to spout his rhetoric instead.

Back on our track, we continue our FEAR saga with Albrecht Durer our Fifteenth Century German chaser of the human ghost! Look how the Angel with the keys to heaven, pictured in this fabulous woodcut, is trying to put the beast back into hell.

angel with keysSuch a thing in the Twenty First Century would be called “the democratic process” or “free elections” with half the brainwashed population electing the quiet crisis pill dispensers who through Common Core programs in school can give you the proverbial big government loving steroid pill. After you have read the following propaganda acid trips. Start with this book, A Nation of Lords by David Dawley.

img035 img036 img037 img038 img039See, you suckers have been victimized! Are you ready for more RACE CARDS? A special treat for the hard core Jingle Bell lefties would be this book, Rebellion and Repression by the puke of radical chic Tom Hayden a founding member of the ultra left wing Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

img097img098Blah, blah, bah. Go watch that old goat, medal slinging John Kerry!

Do you start to understand that you and your country are being run by a Cabal of men hating, jock sniffing, bitter women clingers and neo nazi thought manipulators clad in G strings sitting in clubby dark corners and a few atheist Jewish weenies hating anything “Jewish” unless it is to their measly advantage? Nah, I’ll bet you do not, and you are right, not everything is black and white, nor right and left. These creeps inhabit all parties.


img298Back to your “climate crisis”. The publication year is 1971, the copyright owner is Girard Bank that commissioned the book for their board members. Girard Bank, one of the oldest ones in the Nation in succession became Mellon Bank. Can you see the hand? Are you ready to read the dark climate fear mantra by a “titled by marriage” do gooder, after you read this impressive bio.

Author Lady Barbara Ward, the first woman who gave a Harvard commencement speech in 1957 (see I do know history you bitter old clingers of the war on women) from the index you get a smell of the tepid manipulation with catchy phrases.

Who was this political Barbara Ward? The author was influential in the ideas of sustainable human and environmental development, and it was she who introduced the term “sustainable development”. Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos, as co author, wrote the book  Only One Earth: The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet, published in 1972 for Maurice Strong who headed as Secretary General, the UN Conference on the Human Environment, the so called Stockholm Conference. “Think Globally, act locally” is a phrase attributed to Rene Dubos, who was also a Professor Emeritus at Rockefeller University (Can you see a dark hand?). Barbara Ward was the founder of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)and their President from 1973, as well as, Chair from 1980. The main money source behind the Institute at the time was Robert Orville Anderson (1917-2007) founder of the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO), the 6th largest oil company in the US in 1986 and reputed to be the largest private landowner at the time in the USA, owning some 2,000 square miles.

The dam by now has cracked and the water is flowing.

Clipboard01In 1974 the book Mankind at the Turning Point, the second report of the Club of Rome imbued with fuzzy data and  progressive rhetoric edited by Mihaljo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel sets the political planet on the course of progressive environmental enslavement and the establishment of the new GAIA cult.

Note that every thousand years or so there seems to be a crusade for the “betterment” of mankind. I am a true skeptic, as far as that term is considered. Rumors of an impending Fourth Reich, a handful of elite governing our planet, enslaving the sovereign citizens with restrictive polices and measures for the purpose of limiting the freedom of the individual in the service of the fictitious socialist utopian dream sold to you under the guise of the “common good”.