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camera 12 038What do so called great or important writers have to say about other writers and their choices of favorite books? Plenty of quotes by writers appear in and out of their original context, a bit like photographs that are taken out of their original sequence.

camera 12 041Are these “views”, opinions, formulations, part of a imprint in the susceptible mind of an author? Are they part of a spectacle taking place in an author’s mind, are they like colors that magically seem to drip of the painter’s brush and unbeknownst to the hand flow onto an imaginary backdrop?

camera 17 014Here is a quotation I like very much: “Nature is not mute. It eternally repeats the same notes which reach us from afar, muffled, with neither harmony nor melody. But we cannot do without melody…it is up to us to strike the chords, to write the score, to bring forth the symphony, to give the sounds a form that, without us, they do not have.”Francois Jacob (pg.274) of the book The Statue Within, an Autobiography. Publisher Basic Books 1988.

Francois Jacob (1920-2013) shared the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Those notes referred to in the above quotation, are they not similar to the thoughts of a poet who starts to write at first light, and are they not similar to the sound of the hammer of the craftsman who is hitting the anvil for the first time that day?

Perhaps the author is dueling with himself instead of with the rest of his imaginary world.

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camera 10 090The Duel is over. What poet never ever wonders who turns out the light?camera 22 056Just in case you did not know, below is a very fine piece of music. Oh yes, about war, I told you so.