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Saying we live in interesting times is an understatement. Below is a fine article, I found, and would like to share with you. This article was published in the Wall Street Journal, the Saturday/Sunday Edition, September 13-14, 2004 in the corporate business section B3.

Who are the players involved in this billion dollar scheme to milk more money out of farmers and consumers. The article below mentions the Swiss based company SYNGENTA. Let us have a closer look at this company, where it came from and how these types of behemoth agricultural-chemical companies affect the daily life on our planet.


Syngenta was formed out of two companies the NOVARTIS Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemical.


Novartis (pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, generics and vaccines) was created in 1996 from a merger of Swiss CIBA-Geigy (it merged in 1971) and Sandoz, all three Swiss companies were active in the chemical/pharmaceutical business.

Novartis merged its agricultural business with AstraZeneca’s (formerly ICI) agricultural business and formed SYNGENTA in 2000.

The old CIBA Pharmaceutical Co. was the maker of the first United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved anabolic Steroid in 1958.

It has been reported in the worldwide press over decades that several Swiss pharmaceutical companies through their German affiliated companies tested all sort of drugs and viruses on involuntary prisoners in Nazi run slave labor camps. On the medical treatment of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler you can read this article. 

It was at Sandoz that the Swiss researcher Dr. Albert Hoffman discovered a substance called “LSD”, much abused by the “flower power” generation and the CIA with their willing collaborators in Academe conducting a number of well documented experiments.

Similar experiments were conducted by the various warfare departments of many countries, this link will lead you to another interesting story.

Sandoz was involved in one of the largest European chemical spills in 1986.

After several disasters in the chemical field in Europe, such as, in the Italian town of Seveso and elsewhere, many chemical companies were bought out, renamed, with records disappearing in many instances, and the game literally on the skin of the consumer starts anew.

The Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical companies directors and bankers (ref. IG Farben-Hoechst which became Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer Cropscience) are corporate master minds at this sort of scheme! The trail to past deeds and misdeeds is quickly buried and the offspring continues the games. Interlocking directorships are common in the chemical field. From chemicals to healthcare (more appropriately called disease care) is a safer corporate route, as long as a profit is made at all costs.

There are no ethical lessons to be learned here. The old German/Swiss interlocking chemical industrial combines, their proud US henchmen and the Fourth Reich bankers have been back with a vengeance creeping into what you eat and drink, and monkeying with your food bigger than ever. Nice to know, that perhaps Chinese consumers are a bit smarter or quicker than American consumers who like sheep will consume anything in front of them.

Consumer Protection Agencies worldwide and above all consumers themselves must be vigilant at all times, which means first and foremost not investing your hard earned dollars or euros in the stock of these sort of companies.

Kudos should go to the reporters at the Wall Street Journal for making the information in the article real NEWS.

Unexpectedly, the “little man”, in the United Kingdom (UK) known as the the man on the Clapham bus, in Germany a derogatory phrase, described at times as “das volk”. In other words, the plebeian and not the elite gets help this time from the media and the business world in fighting those that would like to control what you grow, where you grow, how you grow and why you grow anything at all!  

It is similar to an undertaker business selling you the planks and nails for your own ready-to-make or do-it-yourself coffins. Too bad the Swiss population has not figured out that their sovereignty has been undermined and their own “elite” is doing the undermining. Your Swiss borders will be flooded by “Islamic be-headers” while your armament industries and your chemical industries will sell them the weapons, your churches will be silent and your banks will take the “be-headers” deposits, just like banks do in the United States of America.

The American people have already been plundered out of their own meager assets and their natural resources probably pledged secretly to the United Nations (UN) under the various EPA supported Agenda 21 schemes.

The US Army is now functioning in Africa to protect the Saudi-US investors, segregating (as they and we are told) the sick from the non infected in Liberia and where else? The German Government leads their European Union (EU) vasal states promised aid to  EBOLA stricken Africa, but is not delivering too much.

The only “do gooder” FOOLS that open their country’s BORDERS, to this up to now “African originated” disease is the US Government that neglects their Constitutional duty to protect to the best of their ability, their own citizens unless it plans to quarantine those subjects when the President decides. Remember the Martial Law Declaration in Boston, MA. by the Democrat Progressive Socialist corrupt regime led by Governor Deval Patrick (of DCF shame) during the “Boston Bombing”, a dry run to measure the resistance to and the “public acceptance” of such imposed martial law. Remember, who found one of the perpetrators? Yes the public!

In the mean time some Chinese Oligarchs (Do you know who the Puppet Masters are?)img610 img611 img612

the above Mao quote is used by John Kenneth Galbraith on the opening page in this lesser known 1973 book. Is it a warning, or is it meant as an applause? Was he perhaps also a pundit of the One World Government closet crowd?

African dictators, some of whom just visited the White House are putting their money in the Swiss banks (Do you know their Puppet Masters?) probably buying big agro-business stock and gambling on the latest “invention”, perhaps the next new type of Zyklon B.

Is it a coincidence that these Modern day African Robber Barons visited right before the first Ebola patients came to the USA? Was it a pay off to the African leaders to supply the US with votes in the next UN Assembly vote? Are we unofficially instituting a hidden UN agenda? Or is all of this meant to “condition” the American voter,  tax payer i.e. he who holds the purse!

Was it really a coincidence that the only African American Mayor (Kasim Reed) of any US city invited to the Bilderberg conference in May 2014 came from Atlanta home of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)?

The “sold out to big business interests” US Congress, does not keep campaign promises, nor does it defend the US Constitution in words and DEEDS. (Which low sunken political class operative does keep their promise?)

The very same Congress will deceive, through the Trans Atlantic Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement, their constituents with a “new order” (Obama’s Belgian speech) and will claim to “protect” them, but does not protect their borders, nor protect their health and certainly does not protect their assets by putting them in a 17 trillion dollar plus debt, yet the days of reckoning are sure to come.

It is spelled POLITICAL REVOLUTION, and not of the type the new nazi like US Democrat Party Progressive Socialists and some of their US Republican collaborators hope and work for to achieve. You can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool all people all of the time.

Basic understanding of what a revolution entails can be gained by reading The Anatomy of Revolution by author Crane Brinton to use just one bookish example dating back to 1965 still very valid in many aspects.

The time of the Soros supported, so called Shock and Awe Spring Revolutions is over. World wide we see that the progressive socialist jackals perhaps slowly but surely are on the run in national elections.


It is for the Scottish to decide if there was recent voter fraud and for the Catalan people, Flemish, Venetians, Basque, Breton and other FREE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE including Syrians and Ukrainians (on either side of the political divide) if they want to be governed and enslaved by the modern day Euro fascist Agro-chemical business cartels banking in neutral Switzerland, or if they will determine for themselves what their political future will bring and what non GMO food they wish to put on their tables!




Is there anything new under the sun?