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Leon Panetta , a modern day ex- liberal Himmler type henchman of the Obama Regime Administration is Not worth a picture in my opinion. His heartfelt pains, regrets and phony sorrows, now so warmly exposed, and cooked to the well done stage, by the New World Order Media do not portray Panetta (In Italian the word pancetta means bacon made of pork belly meat) like the modern day hand wringing Pontius Pilate he really is, in my opinion.


As a lackey inept servant of the previous Democrat Socialist Regime, his chilling lack of honor to the American intelligence community and the US military, made him into the pathetic caricature of the human pension chaser he really portrays. A shill for Hillary 2016, he now stabs his cunning Master in the back. His book Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace no doubt, will be used as the “savior bible” of the Democrat Party Machine that has done little else in the last 6 years but plunder the coffers of the American Republic.

Here is some free advise for Leon P., and two good book titles that teach a bit of morality to read, my dear boy. Talking about honor read this one by a Catholic Prelate Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty title Memoirs and weep for the Christians in the Middle East that you as a Regime Henchman allowed to be slaughtered.

img681img683img684On your watch and on that of your illustrious caught-with-his-pants-down successor, America has lost face and the confidence of longstanding allies resulting in damage for years to come and great risks for the Free Western World. Leadership requires actions not lack thereof. Your crowing to the Washington D.C. crowd on both sides of the mistaken isle did not curry favor with the American public at large.

You need not worry your pension is safe, for now that is, unlike the pensions of many Americans in the private sector that did not eat out of the public trough. The silent majority that believed in civil servants who would protect our Nation on their watch, and not sell the citizens out morally, militarily or economically.

God, may be not yours, knows how pathetic a cog you were in the scheme of things. Perhaps your soul can now reflect on the damage you have done.

Here is the second book, Suicide of the West by James Burnham. I would recommend you read this in your spare time, before you enter that circus called the “lecture tour”. Final advice Leon: TAKE A HIKE!