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img782This is a first edition of Erving Goffman’s 1961 book with a very nice  designed cover done by George Giusti, a true graphic design icon.

ISIS, Crisis, Ebola, Elections, Armageddon, Syria, Ukraine and the stock market up and down like the proverbial yo-yo (my advice is to look for a real yo-yo picture somewhere on your favorite search engine if you are not satisfied with the one in the wiki link).

img784 This  book is a qualified serious social text and perhaps with his other book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, the author’s best. Written in  1961, the era of real wisdom in the social sciences.

In this post, there are no frivolous ebolaesque statements flung like dung on the net, by MSNBC Marxist or Neo-Fascist pundits for example. There is none of the usual social manipulation to be read in it. Media manipulation the public at large is unaware of, even though they suffer the ills and the consequences daily.

img785Of course mental health treatment has changed over the years, the patients seem all on the loose and you wonder what or who is running the country, or worse if anyone is running anything at all? Republicans do not want to win elections but just wanna be in the game. They have no message. Democrats seem closer to the old German Nazi party without the swastika and are suffering from a Stockholm Syndrome (Look it up yourself), with a few atheist Jewish spinmeisters working the front line media. All wisdom in this very serious book is summed up in the last paragraph shown below.

img786The political American theater, works exactly the same way. The earth is round and thus looking to the horizon there is absolutely nothing else to see.

The incompetent socially promoted run the Asylum, the Congress, that Millenarium sect nods, you the patient are the genuine guinea pig almost skinned to the bone in that theater. When you walk out of the asylum, you can vote, be sure to follow the party line eins, zwei Die Partei ueber alles, and you will be told you have been cured. Living with disgust is the price of living the wealth master’s dream, I meant the dreams of his father of course. Have no fear the “leader” is here. If you catch it, you can keep it.

Careful reading between the ebolaesque lines of the statements in this link  will set you free with or without the hazmat suit.