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img839A photograph of the Polish American Steamship line showing Polish immigrants in 1919.

The Polish American legal immigrant experience can also be documented very well in this extraordinary children’s book from our own archive with a 1907 date when it was entered in the Office of the Librarian of Congress in Washington D.C. by the author W. Dyniewicz. The book has 84 numbered pages, and it was used to teach elementary Polish. It has specific American references in the text. This is definitely not a common core program text adapting to the usual Socialist re-education.

Polish American heroes like Kazimierz Pulaski and Tadeusz Kosciuszko, as well as, President “Jerzy Washington” are included in the text.

img462img463img464img465img467img466This is a delightful primer illustrating what a great experience LEGAL immigration to America could offer immigrants in the GREAT last Century! This was the time when immigrants came to a country with SECURE BORDERS. Affirmative Action and Social Promotion were not part of the Polish immigrants experience. Polish would be spoken at home, and ENGLISH would be spoken in public. HOW REFRESHING!