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gentleman img917Time for some food for thought for all those Progressive Groupies with trust funds, their moms and the enablers who teach and create so called “Converts”. After all, this 125 year old Manifesto is not hard to understand. Let’s see how it applies to today’s America. Below are excerpts from the The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels with some simple annotations in red by me.

The total transformation is simple: How do you recognize a Progressive Socialist Democrat a.k.a. in old terms “Communist”? Does he or she have a specific Color? Does he or she have a specific Sex? Does he or she belong to a specific Race? The answer to all these questions is NO. You recognize them by the rhetoric, such as Total Transformation, from the top down, the greater good, social justice, sharing your wealth and other kinds of designated crap used to attempt to bully you into a corner, sign up, and convert etc.

The Counter REVOLUTION will now be started first at the voting booth. DemoRATS will want to hang on to their “power” by any and all means, supported by the Military Industrial Complex.

Is the Nanny State supported by both parties ( until the day a new one appears and one disappears) imposing “Communism”? NO. The answer is a fluid mix of State run crony capitalism with whatever ideology suits the state such as Fascism, or yes, Progressive Socialism or aspects borrowed from Communism. Let us have a look at an example below. The Revolution will not come from the proletariat, but from the top down by controlling the funds of the Middle Class- a.k.a. the producers.

Communists do not recognize BORDERS!

“National differences and antagonisms between peoples are vanishing gradually day by day, owing to the development  of the bourgeoisie, to the freedom of commerce (curious sort of capitalism), to the world market, to the uniformity in the mode of production (world wide) and in the condition of life corresponding thereto.” ( page 28 of this brochure)

Here is how YOU have ended up without knowing it.

img852A Nation of Sheep is a Nation Asleep!

Good night and do not let those Commies bite. GO AND VOTE THEM OUT!


For your entertainment before you go to sleep LISTEN to the Man from Chicago KUDOS MES AMIS.