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gentlemanIf you like the title you can keep the title. Apparently there are two books floating around in the universe with the title A Nation of Sheep. Please do not feel insulted! The original book title is found on the book by author William J. Lederer, published by the Norton Publishing Company in March 1961 and shown here in its first Crest paperback form with the date of July 1962.

img852To make our point and to convince you that we are not “socially appropriating” for the greater good of society or in old speak “ripping off” an image, I have gone to the usual trouble for the occasional blog reader (not you) to download the back cover from our copy and that is where you find the real “beef”, hormone free, non GMO grain fed, but old fashioned grass fed for the true beef aficionado, sorry you vegans, that is the way I like my beef.

img853Those were the days when real newsmen like the proverbial cowboy in the saddle, would bring us real factual news. Just read the back cover statement from the then King of Newspapers, The New York Times (NYT). By comparison, today’s NYT has ink that leaves behind smudges, if you are out of toilet paper, not a very kosher affair thus. I was never a big fan of the San Francisco Chronicle, but praise is praise, n’est ce pas? Never mind that the Harvard learned man on the back cover also put his two cents in, after all as the advertising axiom goes “you can’t live without it”. In this day and age, the smartest affirmative action promoted and socially promoted elite (or what would like to pass for it) hold the highest offices in the land. After actors even gangsters and socially promoted affirmative action community organizers can climb this Jacob’s Ladder (also a secret drug referred to in the movie by the same name). An excerpt from wikipedia with specific reference shown below.

“Jacob is revered in Islam as a prophet and patriarch. Muslim scholars, especially of the perennialist tradition,[clarification needed] drew a parallel with Jacob’s vision of the ladder and Muhammad’s event of the Mi’raj.[10] The ladder of Jacob was interpreted by Muslims to be one of the many symbols of God, and many saw Jacob’s ladder as representing in its form the essence of Islam, which emphasizes following the “straight path”. end quote

Your government won’t lie to you about Ebola, and let’s face it sheeple are sheeple as Michael Savage says.

Back to the book, there are some really good period reviews about the book and I would advise you to read them. The first one is, you guessed right, never let a good crisis go to waste in progressive socialist speak, by the Harvard Crimson here.

The second review, without a doubt, my favorite, comes from that superb literary rag the Kirkus Review.

In a few words quoted from the Kirkus Review,

” We are fed misinformation, by government, by the press. We are headline readers — and fail to read through to the kernel of the news which able correspondents may have cloaked in hearsay and indirection”.

As the Communist Russians would have once said: Nothing new under the sun here, only the Amerikanski  does not know when he is being lied to, we have experience in distinguishing false from false.

The Fourth Estate must hold up a societal mirror for the low information Democrat reader showing what they wish to hear or see, no, it is not an apartment complex in DC, my Republican friends, called the Fourth Estate. The scoundrels named journalist carpetbaggers know exactly where it really is. It is here that make believe bastion of Equality, Brotherhood, Freedom(LOL), to quote that French revolutionary slogan.

The Wolfs lair on Pennsylvania Avenue, that quintessential spinmeister factory is run by a few advertising cronies and a group of Islamist Jihadist lovers and the Rat *sses and your elected “Overlords” to Congress don’t give a damn. Now for the good news, on November 4, 2014 the sky will fall for those Socialist Progressive Democrat Regime supporters when they will lose both the Senate and the House unless you remain asleep and do not vote.

By the way the other book (2007) with the same title is by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano who wanted to make some more “money” according to the press being a judicial news expert. Below is a short YouTube video of Judge Napolitano discussing A Nation of Sheep.

Remember, a “country” without a border is not a country, even the Nigerians know that. A country with 2 languages or more is in effect a State with 2 or more tribes unwilling or unable to communicate. Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine are good examples of this. A country of SHEEP is not a country, but an on going cabal.