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31 033 31 026 31 027 31 028 31 029From Letters to Letters and from Soup to Nuts. Read where the willow stands, play your game, be lived or loved, listen to the radio when the sun does not shine. Try chess if you can’t stand the mess.

Watch where you are going! Remember practice makes perfect, take a card, do not fart when you eat cabbage, love your rotten neighbor like yourself, all things equal who pays for the rest?

Carbon paper is out of date, toilet paper needs a mate, books are a dime a dozen but not here and when did you eat your last really good pear?

How much is a soul by the pound and why have a hound if you do not care for a bear. How much garbage do you take out, fill up without the spout.

Politics is for the motley fool and there is life beyond the pale. Is there a pipeline in your dreams or have your dreams gone up in smoke, no joke new ones are created here. Don’t worry about your feel good church on Monday till next Sunday, when the rubber hits the road, you got what you sowed.