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gentlemanHow do you distinguish a Communist from a Creep? Here are some options to answer this question.

The Creep parrots what the Communists taught him. The Communist parrots what the parrot told him. The crab head creep communist Masshole Institute of Terrorism (MIT) professor parrots his boss and calls YOU and ME stupid.

Which party will exile Jonathan Gruber to Russia or the Eastern Ukraine? Perhaps his healthcare proposals could work there, but I doubt that either Russians or Ukrainians will accept him calling them “stupid”. Perhaps, a public flogging on the Boston green would be more appropriate for this defrauder of the American Citizen, than what they would have in store for him. I wonder if they would call him the Dr. Mengele of the Democratic Party Economic bureau in honor of his “experimentation” with a group of people, an entire Nation.

Some recommended literature and music, this moron could take with him, can be selected from this pile.

camera 17 00133 047I think La Dolce Vita for Mr. Gruber is over, and as far as I can see, he will be fiddling on the MIT roof when the endowments fall off. If, after reading this, you the reader would like to recommend a Synagogue in the Eastern Ukraine, Syria or Russia for him, then be my guest.

camera 25 017If reading any of the above does not cure you Mr. Gruber, then perhaps some of the stories below will.

camera 27 047Thanks Gruberboy you can keep your Fairytale Cadillac Crappy Plan. If you like your doctor, then you can keep your doctor…Blah Blah Blah.

On your flight to Russia, I have the perfect movie for you to watch: Psycho (1960).