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gentlemanWhat sort of strange country do you live in?

The Democratic witch Feinstein feels the heat coming on after years of commingling her private and the people’s business interests. That is one of the reasons why she wanted the CIA report released this week.

The real reason is that the United Nations (UN) wants to indict some government officials for allowing torture since the United States (US) signed off on the anti torture UN agreement in 1994. Obviously, the Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee a.k.a. the business witch is in real trouble for probably being “in the know”, unless of course, so the rumor goes the Agency lied to the Committee. The Anti torture UN Committee in Geneva, Switzerland would just love to proverbially “hang” the USA for torture crimes, and thus lower the stature of the country among the world community. Now enters Uncle Barack, nothing doing on my watch boys he declared in 2009. Really? What a bunch of pukes! It reminds me in a round about way about some things I read. Let me use this quote below.

img116The above quote was found in the book All The Strange Hours by Loren Eiseley.

img115img112The excavation of a life phrase could also apply to a Nation or Country, so let us see what could or has happened from a political point of view taking you on a world tour using some pages from Hal Lindsey’s book The 1980’s Countdown to Armageddon as usual the red underlining and notes are mine entirely. A bit of history must be studied first before we come to the current events.

img814hal lindseyWhatever happens at present is a logical outcome of a “planned Fourth Reich New World Order” plan, being in place for a long time.

img818Slowly but surely you are handed over to a “World Order” where there is no Congressional Oversight. The American component of it functions using a rubber stamp Congress working in cahoots with those members of both parties that are put in place (money elects) on behalf of the “WORLD ORDER” to continue the selling out of American interests.

Back to another interesting quote found in the Eiseley book.

img117Yes your “Nation” is adrift, some sense it, most prefer not to see it, hoping for salvation from a Republican Congress that will not act in the interest of the people, but in the obscure interests of big business.

img817 china passagePerhaps the “Junkets” by Uncle Barack and his cronies now start to make sense to you? This quote is also from Eiseley’s book.

img114Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum is a contractor for the military and who did the President just appoint as his new Defense Secretary??? Right the previous number One buyer of military equipment for the Defense Department. Is Feinstein covering for her husband by pressing on the CIA? Do they know something We should all know? The Chief Mischief maker does not care. He is glad somebody pressed the CIA button, this way he has nothing to fear when he sells the US interests out to IRAN.

The book by Eiseley is great, so is the book by Lindsey some thirty years later.

No one holds a crystal ball, but all of us mortals can look back to history and sometimes we should.

img121Do you realize you have been “Feinsteined” a.k.a. SCREWED by a has been?