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gentlemanSo you think we were done, but I am only getting started. Conspiracy or the silence, that takes place when we the people do not speak up, has manifested itself in all sorts of writing and books.

Let me give you some examples. If you think Senator Feinstein “The Witch of the Wild West” did such a great thing pushing a phony CIA guilt trip on the unsuspected bystander (me and you) who do not want to be beheaded by an ISIS tribe member or shot in a synagogue or any other religious environment for that matter, then think again! Of course, do not believe the rumors that the Antichrist in the White House, a.k.a. the People’s House, was glad this wicked Atheist-Jewish Nut job, a One Percenter (who should work for you and me, and not for the enemy) gave away our house and garden secrets.

So here are some examples shown below. They were culled from a few older book pages. Enjoy the satire, name it sarcasm, conspiracy or truth or whatever you can make of it when you are done reading it.

img812img813Sounds like an actual description of what is happening in the coward US Congress or something applicable to US Senators John McCain, Chuckie Schumer, Craphead Lindsey Graham and the many other broom licking servants of the illegal paycheck (the graft that falls off the backs of the Industrial Complex unseen to the common working stiff). img816 bHave a close look at the underlined pages by me. Is the slow low fog clearing in that pill popping trust fund head?

img792Onto a different picture by an old master hand in literature, a man who would defend your tribe at all costs. Save what tribe?

img795img796Oh you lowly atheist Jews with fat paychecks scumming the government offices and voting for the New Nazi style implementation of a dictatorship. Oh you sweet old Rabbis, if there are any left, did you survive the troublesome American Pogroms? Do you remember the Jewish Defense League? Should you remember it now?

Now onto the sh*thead shyster professors at your Brandeis type Universities or Colleges, where you only know Communism as a bar drink and Fascism because your old Auntie paid for your education way way back. Not worth saving the entire lot, in my opinion.

Saving the Jonathan Gruber’s of the world? Not a chance in my religious book.

Imagine nailing the 95 Articles to the doors of Harvard and MIT as a protest action. NO, you Moron, we are referring to Martin Luther’s The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences. Not a chance, you coward brain dead students!

Now for the real meat in this post, especially for you the more indoctrinated and educated reader.

img797Remember, language, borders, culture means, in this very case, not some Burka sack over your eyes to hide your ugly or beautiful body for a man who makes you walk behind him! Of course the whole idea is just fine with the current class of Feminazi or backward voters and admirers of Elizabeth Warren, the new “bright light” of the slavery “keep em on the left plantation cult” in the Democratic Socialist Party, full of old babbling Jews who gladly fork over fortunes to be on the “Right Side” of the train platforms. What a laugh. As if your Black Master pope in the Plantation House will save your butts. One will be saved of course. The man who voted for him twice the Witch Doctor of Law Alan Dershowitz. Let’s have a closer look at the book above.

img798Remember the red underlining is mine here.

Do you think any of the race baiters or your dear Barack ever read this? A man growing up more outside than inside America, who wrote poetry in Occidental College (Go look it up) in the spring of 1981. The poem “Pop” probably refers to Frank Marshall Davis the Communist African American. Try going to Africa explaining to the folks there that you are an “American African”. Probably you will be condemned to suck the broom.

In the meantime, “fine” Feinstein is p*ssing on the grave of every fallen soldier for the freedom that you and I enjoy. What a mishpogeh! Where do they breed these traitors and let them get rich on top of it? Let us hope it is not hereditary NEW WORLD ORDER boys and girls. Your allies in the New Reich, editors, still wet behind the ears of the German Die Zeit newspaper, are ready and waiting to throw the ” torturers” to the wolves. Poles are worried about the fall out!

Next spoof chapter: American Fairy tales or Fairy’s tale. Old Democratic and Rhino witches riding the brooms!