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gentlemanTiming and preparedness is everything. This axiom applies to politics and life in equal proportions. So let us recap a few things.

The US Congress did nothing to stop the Liberal Fascist Agenda that has emerged like a U boat. Quite the contrary, they caved and what happened?

The clever red fox in the People’s White House saw a good crisis and decided not to let it go to waste, because Congress wasted their precious time on purpose. The measures by the red fox eliminated Marco Rubio from any Spanish Republican Throne, and has attempted to corner Ted Cruz who now has to come back with an intellectual assault on the Administration, and that will not happen. Cruz is too smart to get drawn into this fight.

The US State Department and Obama have successfully engineered a “Russian Style Move”. This time it worked, it worked unlike the attempted coup in Libya or Egypt through Twitter and hi tech means, but through silently promising “bling” and buying time for the Communist Castro Regime by promising the all mighty greenback to some 80 plus year old political Cuban gangsters.

What difference does it make 17 or 18 trillion or more dollars, just print. Obama in return got back an idealistic Jew which makes Obama look better with the Jewish voters who are abandoning the Democratic Party. Looks good on Schumer’s resume perhaps. This way you can truly wish them a Happy Hanukkah and support Hamas at the same time and continue to verbally water board Netanyahu, so to speak.

The US taxpayers will ultimately have to “guarantee” the loans to US corporations investing in Cuba.

Never mind the popular left wing tirades by Lizzie Warren the new Rosa Luxemburg of the US Democratic Party.

The Chicago troika of community organizers goes for Cuban style and the deal is made to shore up their communist cronies in power and screw the Cuban People.

In other words, instead of taking the American “Crimea” (only 90 miles from Miami) by force, which Putin did in the Ukraine, the US Industrial Military Complex bought it lock stock and barrel, without firing a shot and making money on top of it.

Controlled Cuban internet services, controlled telephone mobile services etc, etc, a “Democrats dream”. Now Uncle can close Quantanamo, hand it back to the Cubans who will skillfully “expatriate” these Muslim heroes probably to the Sudan! A “Kings” dream come true, with kudos from the United Nations (UN) for his Anti American stance.

Fairly soon, you can moor your Cruise line ships, import cigars and the US dollar will buy more and new fresh sex slaves from the boulevards of Havana.

And the Cuban people I hear you ask? Who cares, according to Dems and Reps alike in Washington DC, they are not home. Uncle Barack is going to Hawaii, you are left holding the Christmas bag and the implied message to our old allies like Taiwan or Israel is: Screw You! Uncle will sell you out to bigger United Nations One World Order interests.

To throw off the American Patriots, you will be kept busy with political committees on race policing, race re-education in BLASIOVILLE (NYC), it sounds like the third world Brazzaville. Perhaps you will be kept busy with a new Sony DVD instead of the same movie you cannot see. It will make millions more after cutting out the middlemen theaters, those ugly profiteers!

You will be left with the crumbs from the stock market unless you have heard about the Kondratiev cycles with their enormous peaks. The State Department is toasting with champagne having poked Putin in the eye with this implied financial take over of his old ally.

They have not figured out that Putin was glad to get rid of this drain on the Russian wallet. Meanwhile, the hard line Neocons know that they are now closer to Venezuela, the next takeover target, with the added advantage of being able to take a better part in the prosperous drug traffic, with the help of the Cuban authorities.

What the Uncle did not tell you was that Cuban medical doctors and Health workers have worked for many years all over Africa, and you could employ them cheaply here in America once he lets them in under “humanitarian visas” to bolster the lack of Obama doctors. Nice when you speako Espanol or some African dialect, siamos todos Americanos according to Uncle. It makes for good Hispanic voter impressions when you can get a doctor who speaks your language and understands your plight.

If you might wonder where those battle hardened Cuban troops (remember Angola) will go next, you might have guessed it, the new Obama homegrown army? Illegals can join the US Army, but you did not know that did you.

Conspiracy theory and tin foil hats? What will be the next DEMICON issue on the political game board? Who makes the next move?

After Obama care, illegal immigration and the “Cubanization” (call it Russification or Balkanization or whatever you like) of America, comes GUN CONFISCATION, not by taking them away, but by drying up the ammo sources. The Ammo business went from 8 billion dollars in 2003 to $16 billion in 2013. Gun makers like Bushmaster, Remington, Marlin are now in the hands of one company.

Of course, all of this is opinion and theory only. The US Congress? A group of atrophied idiots!

I am still not sure who the worst Mormon is, out for himself, and not for the American People; Harry Reid or Mitt Romney, the conniver or the has been failure who wants to run again or perhaps Mitt wants to go back to Massachusetts to run the next Olympics with Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh and the fat cat Unions and plunder the state coffers, like the famous BIG DIG! NEXT?

Undeclared war with Russia on the Economics Front?

How about the Senate bill S2828 by Senator Menedez (D) from New Jersey. Just look who sponsored it! Menedez can soon party in Cuba instead of Miami or South America.

Give ’em the circus food and let them play their ball games and the average American will think he has contributed to saving another Nation, instead he should be saving his own. May be a bit of Baudelaire could help, no not Beaujolais alas!

img228Don’t worry this is just for the leftie snobs who might think they are dealing with an uncultured brute.