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gentlemanPerhaps out of habit at year’s end and with some trepidation do we tend to look back on all the important events that happened during the course of a year. In this respect, the life of a nation or for that matter of a globe parallels or echoes our own lives often, so we would like to think, unless you are the reincarnation of an early explorer who would imagine that the world is flat and a great abyss is beyond the horizon.

skullNot possessing a crystal ball of the sort we see in the above allegorical painting, perhaps the barely visible dim horizon holds the unknown universe in circumspect suspense wanting us to look for The Crystal Ball.

The one group that does think it has a crystal ball is the NSA (National Security Agency). An important interview about spying and the NSA involvement took place in Munich, Germany almost a year ago in January 2014 with William Binney, author of a number of interesting books about the NSA, such as, The Puzzle Palace.

The interview’s audience were not libertarians or lefties but a group of business people attempting to understand what is happening around them.

For those who do not watch the “publicity stunt opus” just released by Sony, as I rightfully predicted it was, in a previous post, it is downright frightening to hear some circles pushing for measures against a country whose guilt is not proven, but by the lowest of public opinions and liberally sauced on by the worst public servants in Congress staking positions like other men staked gold claims, usually without knowing facts or being able to distinguish a donkey’s ass from a burro’s ass, making an ass out of themselves in the eyes of “reason”.

Political correctness has crept into the Nation like a cancer creeps throughout your bones, censorship is rampant on all levels especially in private colleges and other institutions of fine learning as they claim to be. Dissent is not what it was 20 or 30 years ago, it basically has disappeared out of American life, even the White House Fox laughs at those Conservatives who think they won the war on progressivism. A small battle victory has been won, if you believe the US House of Representatives will act in January.

The fox and his handlers have upped the ante, staked their course using the “Priest of Race baiting” Sh*t Sharpton as the White House stooge in the public eye without the IRS calling in his debt, as they would for any men of the wrong color,i.e. white.

But never mind, if you are in high company or reside in the company of a mere mortal elected to the seat of Saint Peter, who has 700,000 plus followers and who lives here, shown below, you are taking a serious risk of being spiritually infected with the Climate Change Disease.

Perhaps there is a strange creature hanging around your neighborhood, the spiritually correct monster formally sitting high on the church rooftop or near the bronze doors and usually made out of stone.

In my opinion they have also entered the higher learning environment where automatons teach your innocent hands up don’t shoot twit crowd that God no longer exists, Marx is alive and well (same thing they taught in the sixties and seventies) and that the world wide equality and justice for all revolution will come tomorrow as soon as the vulgar  teaching vultures obtain a higher price for selling their souls to the holy grail of all things; life long tenure in progressive lust as proscribed under common core. Satyricon you monster where have you been?

”Against my will, I became a witness to the most terrible defeat of reason and to the most savage triumph of brutality ever chronicled … never before did a generation suffer such a moral setback after it had attained such intellectual heights.”

Stefan Zweig (1881-1942), Austrian writer. Die Welt von Gestern (The World of Yesterday), p. 8, trans. by Marion Sonnenfeld, S. Fischer Verlag (1955).

Hands up don’t shoot, did not work always. Dissent takes courage and a good dose of stupidity at times, as well, or is it called persistence?



img322Perhaps George Orwell “foresaw” this book, curiously published in 1984. In it are the stories of a generation of authors used to various types of hardships unlike our modern day journalists working for pleasure backed by a non deserved trust fund that paid for their third rate journalistic education, which does not start with T for Trust and Truth but with A for appease.

img325In simple terms here is how it works if you are an Obama Hail to the Leader licker, I meant pen licker in the censor chair.

img328a img328The book should be in every college world wide! Here is why, shown below.

img326 img327img323 img324 I can hear you say, but that was then and now is now, really? Is it? What about proposals to have a censor in all radio stations as put forth by the scary dark lovers of the great creature in Congress? How about “publishing” the address of gun owners in NY state, done under the motto of the greater good by the press in New York this year? Did you already forget about this uncivilized intrusion? How about that fascist state de Blasioville sending cops after those selling loosies? Here is how the marxist fascist left works: First you demonize the cops, then you speak at the funeral, then you have your mini Goebbels speak out against them, and when they, those who will protect the biggest scum ball under the law, shun YOU, you cry about your protected son’s life, you creepy scum ball New York Mayor of America’s finest cesspool city, you Marxist fraud! Speaking about Marxists, I know you frauds never read this little 1974 book, shown below.

img291”The independent spirit who commits himself to no dogma and does not decide in favor of any party has no home on earth.” (Stefan Zweig)

I could go on for another 1000 words, but enough for now. I want to thank all of my readers for sticking with me in 2014 and hope to greet you all in a new post in the new year.

Best Wishes for 2015 my friends.