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43 058The organ, that wonderful instrument invented during the Renaissance in WESTERN EUROPE, at a time during upheavals of a religious and political nature was the only instrument allowed during religious services. The church or cathedral quickly became the gathering place for believers and some non believers where one could hear great secular organ music being played.

Clipboard01I wonder what was played on the great organ of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna after the Turks (Moslems) were defeated in 1683 by the mighty citizen armies of Poland, Hungary, Germany, and all those that joined the battle for freedom.

43 059I do know that it was not Johann Sebastian Bach’s music, as he was born in 1685, however, the organ of Luneburg in Germany was one that Bach was very fond of. Perhaps it is time again for a new crusade in every town in Europe!

43 055

If you think that you will receive help from the USA, I am sorry to tell you that country has been taken over by Moslem leadership in the White House, that refuses to acknowledge Islamic terror as Islamic terror, it is called “Work Place Violence” in kowtow political speech. VILE SPEECH supported by the Media and Educational Jihadists hiding as Professors with their boot licking groupies and a love for tenure for their free speech only, in their (not yours, who pay for it ) Universities.

Do you think President Hollande will call it “work place violence” CHARLIE? AU SECOURS ET AUX ARMES.