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gentlemanRumors have it that the President wants to give a hand out to Young Americans and supply them with a 2 year Community College education for free if they achieve a C+ grade average. Who do you think supplies the money?

Why a C+ average you might ask? Is the President’s educational average C+? After all, his College records are sealed. Perhaps Sammy Davis Jr. foresaw the future when he sung the song, The Candy Man Can.

Your “Government” supplied “Candy” allows you now to buy your own dope from the Government approved dealer, to get your contraceptives for your personal deviant pleasures all you want, and now free education for your eternal indoctrination, no more need for a family, religion or anything that ties you down to a self regulating morality.

Probably Congress will reject this free handout paid for by their constituents, the dumbed down tax slave (the candy machine), and they will pay for it at the polls being demonized by the Democratic Party in 2016, and finally will be the end of the progressive Republican wing which will be forced to merge with the one party establishment.

Republicans really do not care more than Democrats, they are in it like the Dems for the money only, just look at how new Republican Congressmen voted against their anti Obama Healthcare and anti illegal Immigration mandate given to them in the last election. They voted against their constituents, the American taxpayer and in favor of the uber butt kisser Boehner, on the payroll of the Republican Oligarchs, who are interested in cheap labor and who are milking the “free” Government services.

Apparently, this bright light idea (free tuition) was hatched in the circles of the US Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker (R), who sits on some “plum” committees such as a ranking member on the Foreign Relations Committee, and occasionally has to agree to do some “horse trading”, as a member of the Banking Committee, with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Perhaps Uncle Bob sees himself as a 2016 King maker.

The reality? The private Universities will “shift their under performing socially progressive” teachers to the Community Colleges, backed by their Teachers Unions, their C grade administrators to teach the locals how to administer, and you the “sucker” will be blood sucked and behind your back the Gruberized Democratic Party members will call you really dumb. The “ultra left progressive Socialist” potential Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren will gladly take up the issue and tell voters she will press for the forgiving of all student loans and steal the thunder. You will be fooled by this female version of the “Candy Man”, who gladly will take your eye off the Common Core ball.

The Candy Men Can, or Can They? Only if you let them!