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43 06143 060So here were the basic skills needed to communicate in a good portion of the Twentieth Century. Take your pick from either the beginner or refresher course. Just in case you are in shock here are the details:43 06543 066Note the words “Good technique is basic”. This particular record was made for the Brother Company and specifically for their typewriter, in reality any typewriter would do so click on the video below to hear and experience the sound of what a a particular machine produces, provided you push on the keys as indicated below.

43 064These were the days when typewriter makers created mini wars to convince you what the best typewriter was: An IBM Selectric versus a Brother or a Royal versus an Olivetti perhaps. In the end, the brand was not important, only the fact that with a basic skill you were ready to type on just about any typewriter with the proper exercise and skill.

Show below is another fine example. Suppose you are the captain of a ship and you see this:

gechtoffYou know that you are heading for a rocky shore on a dark night! You might lose your ship or worse, but you can rely on basic skills, such as, steering and much more. If you are in shock you will lose your ship for sure. If you are in awe looking at the rocks, and the violent sea splashing in the dark you lose also.

When the Imperial Power does not attend the largest rally, like the one in Paris with their allies, you and your Nation are heading for the rocky shores, even when the loudspeaker blares that your captain has everything under control.

He does not steer, he does not lead, absence speaks louder than words.

He lacks the BASIC SKILLS and His Handlers had a different plan!

Of course putting things and events in perspective helps.

France’s leadership and the Islamic leadership in France have for years tacitly approved of the killing of Jews, and of the growing Anti-Semitism which pervades a large portion of the French population which never really went beyond the roots of the Vichy Government. Now after the current slaughter of innocent civilians the Socialist Islam appeasing Government can suddenly put thousands and thousands of troops guarding Jewish Schools, Synagogues and some Mosques for good measure.

It took David a.k.a. Bibi Netanyahu to enter the Goliath’s den and persuade the French Progressive Left Socialist Government to clean up their act! Bibi has shown not power but leadership and strength.

It will take a while for the American Affirmative Action Leadership and their Congressional Vassals to understand that message. The boy in the People’s House might not get it, but his “handlers” will get that message.

NEVER AGAIN are not empty words. Just in case someone needs a reminder of which books to read:

Judaism is more than turning the other cheek my friends!

The US Government can take Hamas off the terror list, the French President Hollande can work diligently with Abbas for a Palestinian State, John Kerry can try to “give Jerusalem” to the Arabs, but I would not bet on it and neither should you.

For now, American Jews can sit in relative safety in their Synagogues in ignorance and self pity or with great vanity in their stupid support of the men in the Spite House. It would be better if they arm themselves. The past has shown how a nation and a people that do not defend themselves ends up. If you rather listen to the left progressive treacherous Jews who want to persuade you that everything is o.k., that someone is seeing spooks, be my guest, but not in my name. Every Conservative should read the book shown below, dating back to 2007.

img305 img306img308img309I might not agree with everything attributed to George Bush’s policies in the book, but the author’s overall interpretation, I believe to be correct, when it pertains to Europe and the Jews.