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CELESTIAL HEAVENSI recently acquired this book, The Face of Time by James T. Farrell for what I thought was a great cover, and subsequently after some reflection upon the word “time” I wrote the phrase “only known to those who ride the celestial heavens” without looking further at the book, somewhat engrossed in attempting to use this useful wise *ss crack in a short post.

Upon closer inspection after taking the dust jacket off, this binding in a grayish cloth revealed itself with the intertwined initials in a modernist typeface, even though, I have no idea who designed the binding.

img379The dust jacket of this 1953 book gave me also no clue, apparently the publisher The Vanguard Press of New York did not think it mattered.

img377Turbulent South Side of Chicago? Nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes, sixty years later, I thought, and I still had not opened the book.

James T. Farrell, the author of the book, is best remembered by many readers, like myself, for his Studs Lonigan trilogy made into a movie and a television series in 1960 and in the late seventies. I never read anything else by this author, nor do I think I will. The three words South Side of Chicago, should have made all the bells in my head go off, but it took a bit of digging to understand, when we hear current White House rhetoric, from which Hell Hole it comes from. Never mind that I write about politics every once in a while when I cannot stand the New Socialist Revolution garbage that fills the Media and the Universities today. The Ivory Tower Third rate Professors and their lonely lost pupils can take a course on line here. Never mind that you can get killed in the Ukraine today by self professed “liberators”, fascists or communist diehards of the Leninist, Stalinist, Trotsky-ist, or by the simple American home grown know it all variety.

Fairly soon the infectious disease will manifest itself in a fascist color near you. Actually, recommended reading on the subject matter of political theory, in my opinion, would be a book by Professor Carl J. Friedrich titled, An Introduction to Political Theory, subtitled: Twelve Lectures at Harvard and published by Harper & Row in 1967 (LCC number 67-11648). It is well worth reading, if you want to inform yourself. As far as, “time” is concerned, I have to give kudos to Mr. Farrell for using the poem below by W. B. Yeats right after the title page.

img380I wonder if Trotsky ever read anything by Yeats and to be perfectly honest with you, it really does not add much to the image and romance of Trotsky to know if he did or did not, he did not end up as an old pensioner.

What I do know for sure after reading a bit by Trotsky is that he heard a lot of artillery fire in his life time. In the end my dear misguided left wing friends, ponder a bit of  this timely wisdom below.

TIMEThe Artillery of Time book pictured here is the 1939 Grosset and Dunlop edition, without a mention of the dust jacket designer either.

Language, Borders, Culture, not to be confused with political cults, is what the Doctor ordered for this snowy Saturday afternoon!