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gentlemanSo the people’s business is done. They had cast their votes, and one party lost and another party won.

The question is what drives the party in power? Will they act upon internal provocation, ignore it, or realize that action must come now, and they have to take their issues, the people’s issues to the proverbial political battlefield.

Will they now govern instead of run behind the defeated power ball playing Dems?

Is there still a difference between “reactive” and “proactive” reasoning in the political field on the conservative side?

Are the American People waiting with suspended breath for what comes next, out of what I call the sewer pipe of party demagoguery, downgrading crucial issues such as weapons for the Ukraine or boots on the Iraqi ground to a “Nation of States”.

Instead, climate change, gay marriage, war on women and other feel good, do the right thing sloganeering takes the lead issues created to appease a very small “enslaved on the moral plantation of the greater good for all” group.

Is there really a sustainable future in social terms?

Let us have a look at some futurology using the book pictured here, The Future by Gerald Leinwand, General Editor, published in 1976.

img928Have we all been doomed by the “ignorance is bliss crowd”, or by the power hungry laughing hyenas procreating in the woods of Washington D.C.? Was there a good reason for Stonehenge on the cover? Are we really governed by the “elitist unseen gods” in the media?

img931img932The real “RED” meat, comes to us on the last page of the foreword, it reads like the ignorant male guide to foreplay.

img933An interesting array of writers, sociologists and thinkers give us a glimpse of what they saw in that 1976 crystal ball.

img933aimg934That was then and now is now or is it?

Can the “everyday republican or independent” expect political “help” from comrades Boehner or Mitch McConnell? Help coming from the elitist class of boozers and cruisers and their pocket fillers? In a society weened on doing good with other people’s money, one man full of vicious ideas in DC can hold a nation by the throat by not quarantining and defending the health of a CITIZEN or by issuing executive orders against the wishes of the inhabitants of the land, thus what power does a real government  “for the people by the people” possibly hold?

The sad answer is almost NONE, unless you uphold all laws equally, and not those for a specific group only.

When today’s fake or real issues like trade, ideas, services, goods, people’s movements are beyond the effective “control” of the Byzantine State, that state in reality no longer exists.

The bureaucrats know this and absorb in blind unbridled lust more power in their insane race to tighten control over the every day life of their fellow citizens.

The ones who usually do not know or understand this issue are the same citizens who face increasingly bureaucratic attacks on their ideas and the expressions thereof, attacks on their privacy and their sovereignty. Greeks and Ukrainians are experiencing a Byzantine State, but not in the same fashion, of course.

Your active participation in so called grassroots politics is most important, especially when the elitist bankers gangsters, billionaires, Trans National plunderers, and their paid cronies in education like the MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the Cadillac Dr. Mengele of Democratic Party Health Economics, and the American media enrich themselves. YOUR ELECTED GOVERNMENT does not provide the basics, such as border protection or a reasonable health protection for certain diseases, but instead dilutes your language into a gobbledygook of twenty thousand pages for a single law.

You know you have been defrauded by your LAWMAKERS of your sovereignty especially if they and you have to pass it to know what was in it, and then insult you the consumer a.k.a. the public openly, as Jonathan Gruber did.

You will need all the spiritual help you can find, usually that is not in your “Local Provider Church”, but by contemplating, reading and listening or by, for example, reading this book of essays, Raids on the Unspeakable  by Thomas Merton.


Of an interesting note, Thomas Merton used not any of his own quotes on this page, but one by the eminent French philosopher Gabriel Marcel.