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one 002 History is a maelstrom, once you enter it you will be immersed, up or down. You are part of it, in it and therefore living it.

History is not tangible in the material sense, but you could consider it the alpha and omega of all that matters. Within history there are no sides to choose when you are immersed, but only facts, either yesterday’s, yesteryear’s, and so on.

Facts alone do not make history, we as people do this by attributing value(s) and expressing our different opinions about what was and even about what is.

We form an opinion about history as a science in an empirical way. By living and creating history, we can all experience at least two things: Looking in – we are trying to see the trees in the forest, and looking out – we are in the forest looking through the trees.

We are all part of history, and, therefore important perhaps to some, we are but a grain of sand in time, or the yin and yang of creation, and as I prefer God’s Creation without the usual sermon to follow.

one 004In past centuries, men experienced events or facts and transmitted them orally. This has not changed even today. We just do less of it, and we do it in a different way. Most experiences today, felt by many, must be validated by a “community”, such as, our tweets, our social circle, or for some by our sometimes very incompetent leaders, maybe our disappointing churches, in short by “any other”.

In centuries past, men wrote hefty volumes that were sometimes handed down to kin or given to a library. Today, many of us cannot write a cursive script, but can only write in “pictograms”. Pictogram figures seem to connect one to another, but in reality they stand alone in a row like a “keyboard”.

In Germany, a debate is ongoing in educational circles to normalize writing throughout the Nation, States are free to instruct pupils in one of two different kinds of handwriting.

Under Common Core education, children in the United States, part of a hidden Agenda 21 United Nations agenda (Not dissimilar to what, under German fascism in education, was called “gleichschaltung”), will be trained to accept the keyboard. They will be trained to see individual pictures of single letters, and be able to think in rows up and down, right to left or left to right which facilitates thinking and reading or writing in non Western, i.e. non European languages, not even in Slavic languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese or other Eastern languages. This is similar to thinking along different binary paths such as a computer.

One of the side effects of this type of training is learning a hand and eye coordination through the use of video games. This is a skill very different from earlier generations where for thousands of years, until the invention of writing, eye and hand coordination practically stayed the same until the development of the industrial age.

Video games today are developed and used by the “enforcing side of government” to train for battle.

Turn off the screen and you are out of the battlefield. Reality has now become an off and on virtual and mechanical experience, a machine connected experience, no longer a hand to hand or eye to eye experience, but a sort of training for an imposed way of accepting that life and death are no longer on the same visual plane. Things now happen within the screen, you can tune reality out whenever and wherever you decide, just remember history goes on making itself, and you are part of it.