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gentlemanYes, I told you so in a post on January 13th of this year. Bibi Netanyahu wins round two with an easy ten to zero. In this case, the 0 stands for Obama who could not be bothered to hear the most important speech in this Century.

The Netanyahu speech can be compared to any of Winston Churchill’s best speeches, and time will tell how right I am. Of course, the maniacal progressive minions pouting for the Obama propaganda machine, the left wing Jew hating academics, and there are a large number of self hating Jews among them, are foaming at the mouth. They can’t stand the loud applause Bibi received during his speech.

Never mind, that Aunt Nancy Pelosi displayed her phony tears, she could not get a piece of the media action without them. Never mind that some Senators like Senator Warren (D-Ma.) often promoted by the ultra left sleaze media as a replacement for Hillary C. decided to stay home. It just shows the world, how petty and superfluous these Senators really are. The fascists Democrats are licking their self inflicted wounds after voting for Net Neutrality, and so is that jealous man in the White House who pretends to work for the American people, but instead promotes his only failing cause: The downfall of the United States of America.

Thank you Bibi, I know you will stand up against the mullahs, I know you will do what it takes, even if it means telling the world that your country will be going it alone, I know YOU mean business when you say NEVER AGAIN.

Deep down inside, we all know the truth, the cheers in Congress were in honor of the sort of man the American people have been deprived of for some time, a true Leader, a Commander in Chief, one who is admired for clear speech, and for the nuts (known as a set of balls) he has, unlike the foggy bottom manipulators who have nothing more than sly racially motivated speech and tiny almonds instead of balls.

On a different note here is a reminder:

Net Neutrality, TTIP, you poor folks have no idea how you are being snookered into accepting the shams. Europeans and aspiring banksters should read this article about debt forgiveness. American debt will not be cancelled any time soon, your self imposed, so called, masters have too much to gain.