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P1030584 P1030585 P1030586Much of what we photograph depends on the technical accomplishment of the photographer or the camera, and a snapshot remains a snapshot. Above all, it is the eye that sees so to speak, and catches what seems different or noteworthy to the one holding the camera. Here is a shot showing work being done in the most difficult part of the old city above a new subway tract. Old makes a place for the new sooner or later and that process is clearly visible.

Can you stand in awe when an animal teaches another one a  trick?  Of course you can. This is precisely what I thought when I saw the bird in front standing on one leg, as if to demonstrate how easy it could be. Look closely and if it reminds you of a yoga lesson you could be on the right track. Imitation is after all a sincere form of flattery.

P1030587P1030588P1030589Another amazing thing to note in this city is the number of independent record shops. Vinyl has been making a comeback for years and perhaps it never left. The city has about 14 of them, and we paid a visit to one found by chance in the old part of town. Recordfriend the name of the shop is located in two stores on the same street, and very much worthwhile visiting if you are looking for either new or vintage vinyl. I usually do not make a recommendation lightly, but have a look at the new store and the contemporary clean look of the store.


The famous Andy Warhol banana used on a Rolling Stones record cover is in clear sight

P1030570 P1030571 P1030573 P1030578The entrance to the new shop and below the location of the first one further down the street.