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How is this for an appropriate image on an early Monday morning?

Walking though any subway station in the world, you might find the most unusual things In this case, it is the subway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has organized the largest assembly of  paintings by the Dutch Seventeenth Century master painter Rembrandt ever. The paintings came from all over the world, but they all originated here in the Netherlands.

In the subway station another story reigns, so watch closely and you will see some interesting advertising for this monster exhibit done by the main sponsor KPN. The whole thing is a fascinating parody on Rembrandt’s famous paintings, and in the video playing in the subway you will see famous painting subjects doing things that cannot be done. Lions are moving their heads, figures are moving their swords etc.

The most fascinating online part you must discover here. Take the tour by clicking on one or all of the 4 people in the video and discover for yourself why Rembrandt is still the greatest of all. You will not be disappointed if you are riding a subway anywhere in the world while doing this tour. Each mini tour is approximately 4 minutes. Kudos to KPN!  If you love art do not miss these guided mini tours!