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someone is counting YOUR MONEY

Seasoned readers will be familiar with my occasional post about philosophy and life. Imagine you are in a strange country, and cannot read the language and no one speaks yours.

You look at pictures in a book, magazine, newspaper, or online, and imagine a conversation and feel perhaps a bit helpless because no one talks back.

This much I could gather from the cover of this “children’s book“: It is written in the Slovakian language, and the stories are folk tales or children’s stories from Spain and Portugal.

What tales are they? Are they the type of fairy tales you were told as a child? Are they life’s lessons from earlier days told or sung by minstrels or bards? Could they be someone’s nightmares perhaps, or just dreams masquerading for reality?


Who lives in the Castle? Where is it located?


Where is the Witch?

ScanImage066 Now, look out your window where you are right now. Can you tell if there is something in your world that resembles these pictures?

ScanImage069So how do you connect to this story? Will you let your mind roam free like the child who listened at bedtime when these stories were told?

The illustrations are really wonderful and the colors very fresh for this 70 plus year old book, so perhaps the stories were read only once.

ScanImage070ScanImage071 ScanImage072In the end you are free to think what you want, believe in what you hear, read what you believe and speak what you think. It sounds Orwellian and perhaps it is. So here are the stories in the book, shown below.

ScanImage073I am sure the last two on this page are from Catalunya or if you prefer Catalonia, but ask yourself if it really matters since we both cannot read Slovenian. What if Slovenians do not read either? What about cyclops? Did I hear you ask?

ScanImage074The last few stories are from South America, Brasil? Argentina? Does it matter?

Relative memory is a precious commodity these days, especially, if you have your “own computer server in your house”, and you are running for Public Office somewhere. In the land of the blind, the one who reads will be King, but it is the people who will tell the stories that remain in the collective corners of humanity.

ScanImage075Harry Meier wrote the story and Josef Burjanek illustrated the book. It was published in 1942 during a very nasty war. Who was Harry Meier and what happened to Harry and Josef? I am sure that I’ll never know. Perhaps the Slovakian people needed these tales to be told to them to keep their spirits high, just like we need stories told to us at times, or so it seems. Where are our minstrels now?