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ScanImage078Looking through older catalogs, such as this 1987 Compasso d’Oro an Exhibition of Italian Industrial Design, offers an opportunity to re-evaluate industrial designs years after their introduction to the marketplace.

Good design is often nothing more than a political stance supplied by marketeers, and beauty is obviously in the eyes of the beholder.  After 28 years from the publication of the Compasso d’Oro Exhibiton Catalog, I think some of these products, shown below, have aged very well with kudos in particular for the agenda with the calculator, well designed by Bob Noorda, but now out of date.

It does focus our attention, however, on an important part of current product design for the consumer market: The marriage of electronics and technological solutions with the a more formal design aspect like the object’s form. The design for the catalog was done by the grand master of Italian graphic design Giancarlo Illiprandi.