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gentlemanRussia bashing is in fashion these days in Washington D.C.

Recently Vice President Joe Biden announced that the US Army will be training up to 750 members of the Ukrainian National Guards. The US troops will be deployed from Vicenza, Italy. Particular attention should be paid to the kind of units incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, and I would urge you to read the list of units incorporated to the guard.

Will the US Army train the far right neo fascist units, like the battle hardened Azov or Donbass battallion? It is likely they will take the chance of training units under investigation for war crimes and crimes against civilians.

Is Joe Biden serving US interests, or the hiden agenda of  his son Hunter’s employers? Apparently, Joe Biden has no clue or does not care about the Donbass Region in the Eastern Ukraine where both  Russians and Ukrainians lost millions of men during WWII, and where there is not a single family that has not known the horrors of war.

We should take the moral high ground and also look into the roles played by high rolling Democrats in the Ukrainian Affair that could end up in a mushroom cloud in the near future.

Doing my usual research before writing a post, I came across this bit of interesting information about donations made to the Clintons by Ukrainian Oligarchs.

It appears now UKRAINE is fallen prey to oligarchs, international banker-gangsters and a Ukrainian Government bureaucracy allegedly creeping with fraud.

Yet, as usual, the ignorant American taxpayers will foot the bill for warmongering Republicans in the service of the military industrial complex, and for the plundering public asset gangsters in the Democratic Party led by the one percent Pelosi/Feinstein/Clinton gang, who see “government” as a private domain for the privileged few.

It should be obvious that the US led and imposed sanctions policy is a rather ineffective tool in mitigating potential conflicts.

Looking at some historical material in book form, shows us some other considerations besides cold hard measures that will benefit few.

European countries are quite familiar with the plight of the Russian people, and the plight of he people in countries they occupied in the past, the literature shows a concern not for the bureaucrats, but for ordinary folks.

For example, below is a text by the writer and poet Ilya Ehrenburg translated into the Dutch language and published in 1933 with the appropriate title  Give Us Our Daily Bread.

ScanImage004ScanImage005The illustration and book binding is by the Dutch artist Mrs. Rie Huymans-Kooyman (1910-1984). When you consider 20 million ordinary Russians died during WWII compared to American casualties of approximately 400,000, it must change your perspective of history, not about the reasons for that war.

Another example, the book, Sieg Des Lebens, shown below, was published in East Germany in the late 1940’s then under Russian occupation.

ScanImage006The book binding illustration is by Hans Baltzer, also known for his illustrations of children’s books. The face on the cover of the book, the woman with the scarf, is reminiscent of the pictures seen in the media when we watch stories involving the Eastern Ukraine.

The title of the book reads: Stories, Life’s Victory and in this anthology covers a number of short essays and war related stories by Russian authors like:

ScanImage007BScanImage007In this anthology, we find one of the best known poems of World War II by Konstantin Simenow: “Wait for me “. It is probably the first German translation of his famous poem.

The poem emphasizes the suffering of war and the great hope and power of love.

Here is a good rendition read in English found on You tube, read by Sir Lawrence Olivier. 

The book also has an interesting last page.

ScanImage009It is an announcement for a book by Boris Galin with the title Somewhere in the Donbass. “With unrivaled energy are the  people of the Donbass rebuilding their devastated industry after heroically defending their homeland “, a reference to the suffering of WWII.

Perhaps, all of these stories in these books are ideologically tainted and outdated, but the described human suffering is real as we can see in the news.

American Generals and the US Congress would do well to take note, rethink their statements, review their objectives, and do some really deep thinking before accepting think tank driven solutions committing to another senseless and coming quagmire.