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Yes, this is a fabulous lesson from Dr. William Davis M.D. on how and why you should take into consideration not to eat any wheat products. The information supplied by Dr. Davis should be especially taken into consideration by European readers interested in stopping the chemical/food combines like Monsanto and others that will impose their will and products on a European population though the TTIP Agreement.

Please view the entire approximately 1 hour lecture, it could be the best health advise you will get for a long time, especially if you live in the USA with their national health care abomination.

I personally have tried to become wheat free, and it worked for me. Amazing results! Saw my allergies disappear, got rid of the beer belly syndrome, thinking more clearly and enjoying the results. You too can spread the advice and contribute to better health in your immediate surroundings and become less influenced by the medical/chemical/food industry complexes, usually acting in the interests of their wallets and shareholders only.

There are many other educators, medical doctors, researchers and just plain common folk with knowledge about wheat, other grains and foods that can influence the quality of our lives. Do your own research on what’s happening around you, and affect a change while you still can.