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Front cover depicting Sarah                                                                 .


back cover

Suschitzky Great Photographs is a Monograph/booklet in softcover, size 190mm x 240mm (7.5 x 9.5 inches) with 39 pages, and 24 black and white photographs. Volume one of this series was produced by Photography Magazine in the United Kingdom circa 1955. This slender volume introduces the work of Wolf (Wolfgang) Suschitzky (Vienna 1912-) to a larger non specialist public for the first time. The back cover, shown above, announces the second volume in this series.

After an early stint in 1934 in the Netherlands, Suschitzky moved to the UK.

The Amsterdam City Archives show an early 1934 photograph taken behind the railroad station where cyclists wait for a ferry to cross the I J-pont to the North side of the city, where a lot of social housing had been built in previous years.


To give an idea of the location of the railroad station shown in the above photograph, I am using my own photograph of the railroad station below, the backside of the station with the ferry location would be to your right facing the screen.

P1030719In this YouTube video, you will be able to view some of Wolf Suschitzky’s wonderful photographs. The clip is about 7 minutes long accompanied by the music “The Secret” by Adam Hurst. Thank you Maya for this video.

Another place, where in the future one can see work by this photographer would be in the Dutch National Rijksmuseum with the link here, unfortunately the images available have not been posted by the museum at the time of this post.

To really understand the importance of this Austrian/British photographer one should read his biography and know the importance of his work as a cinematographer. An interview with the photographer (at an advanced age) can be found at the website of the Lumiere Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.


P1030743P1030742P1030739Sardinia picture number one.

P1030741Sardinian shepherd picture number seven.


Picture number eleven, an almond tree in Sardinia


1945 – A ferry crossing at the Drina River between Serbia and Bosnia, picture number ten.


1945 – A Bosnian peasant woman sitting in front of her destroyed house, a common view now in the last quarter of the 20th C. Picture number 17.

P1030744A new publication titled Seven Decades of Photography for which the 102 year old photographer selected the pictures has been published and should create new interest in his work. The book also covers the films made by Suschinsky. Kudos to photographer Tony Wallis who was instrumental in getting the book done.