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P1030911P1030895A fragment from Stefan Zweig’s (1881-1942) “Hymnus an die Reise”.


Gerardo Diego (1896-1987): “La Sorpresa/ Viaje”.


Dante: Divina Commedia/ Inferno- Canto XXVI fragment.


Valery Larbaud (1881-1957)

P1030912Twicemodern commentary:

Some travelers went by boat, all traveled with  hope.

Shame is like water, it travels to the lowest point dries out and cracked earth remains, the process then repeats itself until a pool forms. Only when shame takes the form of a pool and that very proverbial pool form results in an action and that action leads to a conscious behavior in the way we think, only then can a world change, however slowly. Only at that point will citizens of that very same world no longer accept the drowning of refugees no matter how much the inert governments run by those citizens will try to convince you THEY did all they could. Only then will seas of hope no longer become seas of shame.