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P1040024Shown above is an older art catalog from 1990, edited and published by the prestigious Leonard Hutton Gallery in New York City on the occasion of an exhibition about the work of the Ukrainian artist Vasily Dmitrievich Ermilov (1894-1968). 


I was struck by the high quality of the catalog as well as the gallery’s  expert knowledge about Twentieth Century Art, in particular Russian Modernism. Even more impressive was some of the work produced by the artist in an absolute modernist vein. The catalog has a picture of an architectural model for a monument of timeless appearance.

P1040029But what can one say about the audacity of depicting nudism in the late thirties? I just love it.

The left side of the picture above is titled “On the beach I (morning)” and the right side “On the beach II (evening)” dated 1935/37. The buyer of these two pieces (relief with collage, painted wood, sand, photograph) must have had great intuition in buying these rare collages, that belong, in my opinion, in a photo museum. I decided to pay a virtual visit to the Leonard Hutton Galeries, and looking at the list of artists I started to peruse from top down starting with the A’s.

In today’s world, even the most prestigious galleries must pay attention to minor work by great artists and unusual pieces like a record cover design! In previous posts here and here I had written about the record covers of Josef Albers, but nothing prepared me for seeing a wonderful 1961 collage and pencil on paper, record cover design, by Albers on the wall of this New York Gallery.Clipboard01The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation website will amaze all!