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gentlemanThe Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are considered by the American Government companion agreements.

The undermining of free speech, copyright and the abolishment of Sovereignty, in short, the rise of the New Fourth Reich State Religion is in full swing.

The drug companies, the seed companies, the farming industries and the chemical combines are salivating. Thousands of corporate lawyers and accountants are the well paid new slave masters keeping the public at large in the dark about the corporate take over of all aspects of life.

Europeans are waylaid with one crisis after another: Elections in the UK, Greece, Ukraine, refugees, etc., etc., while the non elected Brussels bureaucrats undermine the Sovereignty of established law. American citizens are too concerned with staying afloat or dumbed down by the media that  massively are supporting the war on Sovereignty and the new corporate mantra. Some members of the US Congress are waking up. Few elected European leaders are willing to step up and defend the rights of the citizens.

Will they be in time? Have YOU done your share?