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P1040168On two consecutive days early in May, I found two different paperback editions of Jacques Prévert’s first poetry book Paroles, originally published in 1949 by Éditions Gallimard. I knew at once why I should buy the first one, shown below.

P1040166This 1969 edition is number 239 in a paperback series titled ”Le Livre de Poche” by the prestigious literary magazine NRF (La Nouvelle Revue Française). For me, it was at first a simple question of adding another  paperback book, this one with a cover designed by Jacques Prévert and the great Hungarian/French photographer Brassai, to a collection of modestly priced books with covers by great photographers.

The next day in a completely different location, I purchased another used 1992 paperback edition of the same book by the same author and publisher. On the rear cover, I found the inscription D’après photo Robert Doisneau (“After a photo”‘, by the other great photographer Robert Doisneau) it disappeared without hesitation straightaway into my bag.

On the right side, shown below, is the cover photo of Jacques Prévert by Doisneau.

“Paroles”, or in plain English “Words”, is an endless landscape of thoughts and associations or images brought into the world as words. For me, it is a time to reflect a bit.

P1040176 endless landscape2

I had decided by now to really read some of the poems by Prévert, but I got waylaid by leafing through another purchase I had made, a book about Franz Kafka and Prague, the subject of another post in the near future. Curiously, I stopped while reading the phrases, shown below, at the end of the book about Kafka, and thought about these for a while.

P1040095The images and the poems were probably the visible results of someone moving along the circle and soon they too might lose themselves in an endless stream located in a poetic landscape of the sort I like to photograph myself. Below is one of my photographs.

P104017 endless landscapeBelow is a poem taken from page 157 of the 1992 edition.

Sables Mouvants

Démons et merveilles

Vents et marées

Au loin déjà la mer sést retirée

Et toi

Comme un algue doucement caressée par le vent

Dans les sables du lit tu remues en rêvant

Démons et merveilles

Vents et marées

Au loin déja la mer s’est retirée

Mais dans tes jeux entrouverts

Deux petites vagues sont restées

Démons et merveilles

Vents et marées

Deux petites vagues pour me noyer

by Jacques Prévert 

And from Youtube with Andrea Bocelli is this fabulous song about love and life by Prévert “Les Feuilles Morts” also known as “The Autumn Song”.