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gentlemanSomething interesting is happening in the German media. Very recently, a major scandal erupted when the German secret intelligence service (BND), had to admit they aided and abetted the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA) in spying on German citizens.

A special committee has been appointed in Germany to look into this matter, and has caused quite a stir among the two coalition partners running the government. Citizens in Germany and the United States should sit up and pay attention when in a major German newspaper the following article appeared about the money spent by the US Government in aiding or undermining the Ukrainian Government and Parliament.

Is the German Press tired of being a lapdog?

Why is this unusual when in the US, the media are 90% on the side of the ruling administration? The NSA opposes the BND from releasing a list of tapped names and numbers which the German BND will ultimately have to do.

The German Parliament is certainly not a rubber stamp for illegal government activities like the US Congress is with the oligarchs in Congress running a private public fiefdom. The article appears in both the German and English languages on line which is rather unusual for the Die Zeit newspaper.

There is another question that comes to the surface and a fascinating conclusion can be drawn here. Are the Germans (the driving motor of the EU) tired of the incompetence of the Obama regime, and are they finally willing to see the issues in Europe and the Ukraine through a more balanced European eye instead of being a willing pawn in the new American-Russian cold war?

Perhaps this article is just another “German Government sanctioned propaganda move” written to pressure the US Administration that the unwelcome NSA fox needs to leave the BND henhouse. We will not know the outcome for a while, but this affair has consequences! Germans should thank the two authors of the Zeit for writing the article.

stopThis photo is from another article written on the spying scandal in the German newspaper the TAZ (www.taz.de).